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Core Blockchain Development, New Cryptocurrencies, Smart Contracts, NFT, Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Wallets.

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Blockchain Software Development Services Since 2017

Pragmatic Coders is one of the world’s leading blockchain software development companies. Since the beginning, we have gathered experience creating more than 25 successful blockchain projects.

Custom Blockchain Development

Custom Blockchain Development

Our blockchain development services cover various types of blockchain platforms. Starting from Bitcoin and Ethereum forks, through Decred, Polkadot, and other popular solutions to custom blockchains based on Proof of Work and Proof of Stake concepts.

  • Core blockchain development
  • Mining Software
  • Mining & Staking Pools
  • Wallets

Custom Cryptocurrency Exchanges

We develop custom crypto exchanges for our clients. We also can perform a security audit of your exchange and suggest improvements. 

Our services include:

  • Custom cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Exchanges extensions and new blockchain integration
  • Cold/Warm/Hot wallets to secure your users' assets
NFT Marketplaces

NFT Marketplaces

We have experience in the digitalization of tangible assets and the creation of tokenized digital goods since 2017, even before the ERC-721 standard was established.

  • NFT Smart Contracts
  • NFT minting (and lazy minting)
  • NFT marketplaces
  • Tangible assets digitalization and tokenization

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Smart Contracts Development

Our portfolio of blockchain and crypto products includes a few of the most complicated decentralized autonomous protocols that have been built so far. Smart Contracts are the heart of any DAO. 

  • Ethereum Smart Contracts 
  • Binance Smart Chain Contracts
  • Polkadot Smart Contracts
  • Stellar Smart Contracts
  • Solana Smart Contracts & Programs

ICO Workshops & Tokenomics

Prepare your ICO/ITO/IEO with our team of blockchain advisors. Create outstanding and correct White Paper. Structure your idea and validate your product development plan. 

  • Whitepaper
  • Tokenomics
  • ICO contracts

UltiArena: NFT Marketplace that revolutionizes gaming industry

UltiArena is a game-changer NFT marketplace that allows gamers to earn tokens by playing and winning in their favorite games.

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Pragmatic Coders has helped us a lot in a fast, customer-friendly, and practical way. The diversified blockchain experience is making an important impact on our business development during our current fundraising phase. (...)

Our technology expertise


Why should you choose Blockchain Development Services from Pragmatic Coders?

Custom Blockchain Solutions since 2017

Pragmatic Coders was one of the first software development companies to deliver commercial blockchain development products in 2017. 

Seven years of commercial experience in various custom blockchain development services makes us the leaders in the industry, and we can proudly call ourselves a leading blockchain development company. 

Our experience covers both blockchain startups and enterprise blockchain solutions. You can trust our experience and lessons learned from over 25 custom blockchain endeavors in our portfolio.

Among many other products, we have been working on blockchain software solutions in:

  • securities trading and issuing
  • energy transfer and management
  • IoT products’ networks
  • digital goods tokenization
  • documents tracking and timestamping
  • gaming
  • supply chain management
  • video live-streaming
  • loans and tokens renting


Wide range of Blockchain Services

Our services cover all aspects of blockchain implementation and development. Starting from core development – creating new blockchains based on various consensus algorithms, through entire blockchain ecosystem software such as mining pools or cryptocurrency exchanges and NFT marketplaces to tokens issuing (ICO, NFT)  and smart contracts with complex dapp development. That, combined with our excellent product management and user experience skills, makes our blockchain app development services the best choice for your new blockchain product.

We specialize in: 

  • Blockchain Smart Contract Development Services (Ethereum, Solana, Binance, Polkadot, Stellar)
  • NFT development
  • Custom Core Blockchain Development and new cryptocurrencies
  • Wallet development
  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  • Mining Software
  • Mining & Staking Pools
  • Tokenomics and ICO/ITO/IEO preparation
  • Blockchain Consulting Services
  • And more.

As you can see, you will find a wide range of blockchain development services here. Our team consists of passionate people who continuously develop their skills, challenge themselves, and stay up to date with all new blockchain trends.

Top Blockchain Experts who know various technologies

Blockchain Development requires knowledge of a vast range of technologies and programming languages. 

Our blockchain developers’ technology stack includes Solidity, JavaScript, TypeScript, Go, C/C++, Rust, Java, C#, Python, and other programming technologies. This allows us to adapt to any challenges we face when building custom blockchain products.

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Why is it worth choosing our blockchain developers?

Partners in Blockchain Development

We are a top blockchain development company with over seven years of experience in enterprise blockchain development. Call us if you are looking for any type of blockchain business solutions or blockchain development experts.

Wide range of Blockchain Application Development Services

Our vast experience covers various blockchain solutions: smart contract development, core blockchain, new cryptocurrencies, NFT marketplaces, cryptocurrency exchanges, mining pools, staking pools, and web, desktop, and mobile wallets.

More than Custom Blockchain Software Development

We can help you beyond building blockchain solutions. Our blockchain consultants will help you with the whitepaper and tokenomics preparation, as well as with the entire blockchain product strategy

Experienced Blockchain Development team

Our team of 100+ people (with around 20 developers specialized in secure blockchain technologies) has all of the competencies needed to build your next private blockchain solution. Our software developers know how to deal with various technologies that are required to create custom blockchain products.

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