Terms of use

These terms state the rules of use for the website: https://www.pragmaticcoders.com (Website).

The use of the Website, including the use of additional services, are the services provided electronically to you by the owner of the Website: 

Pragmatic Coders spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością with its registered office in Kraków, Poland, address: ul. Aleja 29 Listopada 20, 31-401 Kraków, entered into a register of entrepreneurs of National Court Register under the number 0000601571, whose registration files are kept by District Court for Kraków- Śródmieście in Kraków – XI Commercial Division of  National Court Register, NIP: 6772398603, share capital: PLN 5 100 (Pragmatic Coders).

You may contact us electronically via email in any matter regarding the Website: contact@pragmaticcoders.com

By accessing the Website, you agree to comply with these terms.

Use of the website

The use of the Website requires a device that allows you to connect to the Internet and a web browser that allows you to access the www website.

Pragmatic Coders makes due effort to ensure that the Website works properly, enabling you to access all of the Website’s resources. However, we do not make any warranties or representations that the Website and its contents will be available, comprehensible, and functional all the timeIn case of any difficulties with using the Website, please kindly contact us via email: contact@pragmaticcoders.com

Pragmatic Coders reserves the right to disable or limit the operation of the Website at any time. 

The use of the additional services described below, except the chat service, requires having an e-mail address.

All electronic services provided on the Website are voluntary and free of charge.

Additional services

Pragmatic Coders provides additional services for users who have explicitly expressed their willingness to receive them.

Additional services include newsletter service, knowledge base service, meeting assistant service, chat service, and contact form service.

When ordering any of the additional services you may also accept receiving marketing communication from us. You may unsubscribe from it at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in the footer of the received marketing communication or by sending a direct message to the following e-mail address: contact@pragmaticcoders.com

Newsletter service

A newsletter service is a service in which Pragmatic Coders sends commercial and marketing information regarding its products and services directly to the users’ email addresses. The newsletter is not to be sent more frequently than once a week. Using the newsletter service is unlimited in time.

To order the newsletter service, the user is to provide Pragmatic Coders with their email address, via the form available on the Website and click the ‘subscribe’ button. By clicking the ‘subscribe’ button, the user orders the newsletter service. A confirmation of the order will be sent to the email address indicated by the user.

Knowledge base service

Knowledge base service allows the users to order exclusive educational content related to different aspects of the Pragmatic Coders’ business activity.

To order any element of our knowledge base, the user is to provide Pragmatic Coders with their name, surname, and email address, via the form available on the Website, and click the ‘submit’ button. By clicking the ‘submit’ button, the user orders a service. The user may also additionally agree to receive marketing communication from us. After clicking the ‘submit’ button, the user will receive the ordered content on their email address.

Please note that some of our knowledge base elements may be available only for a limited period of time. 

We make due efforts that the information in our knowledge base is accurate and up to date. However, we make no representations or warranties in this regard, and any business decision you make based on that information is at your own risk.

The user who has ordered the knowledge base service element which is not the online educational videos is given a non-exclusive, non-limited in time and space, license to the ordered element without the right to grant further sub-licenses. The license allows the user to use, store and display the element regardless of format, system, or standard only for their own personal purposes.

Meeting assistant service

The meeting assistant service allows the users to schedule an online meeting with our representative.

To schedule a meeting, the user is to click on the ‘schedule call’ button available on the Website and choose the proposed date and hour of the meeting. To confirm a meeting the user has to additionally provide Pragmatic Coders with his name, surname, and email address and click the ‘submit’ button. The user may further agree to receive the marketing communication from us. By clicking the ‘submit’ button the user orders a service. The user will later receive the confirmation of the meeting at their email address.

Chat service

Pragmatic Coders provides a chat service for users’ assistance in any matter related to Pragmatic Coders’ services or products.

Through the chat, every user may start a conversation with Pragmatic Coders’ representative or a bot. The involvement of the bot is always communicated to the user.

Every user is obliged to use the chat only in relation to the Pragmatic Coders’ products or services in good faith and in a way that is not contrary to the binding provisions of law and good practices.

Pragmatic Coders reserves the right to end a chat or refuse to give an answer if the aforementioned rules are not abided by the user.

Contact form service

Pragmatic Coders provides a contact form service for potential clients and employees. 

To use the contact form, the potential employee is to provide Pragmatic Coders with his name, surname, and e-mail address. The potential employee is to additionally state the job they are interested in and click the ‘submit’ button. By clicking the submit button the user orders a service. We reserve the right to reply only to candidates for the jobs we are currently recruiting for.

The potential client is to provide Pragmatic Coders with their email address, information regarding the project’s budget, nature of expected Pragmatic Coders’ services and click the ‘submit’ button. By clicking the submit button the user orders a service.

Ordering the contact form service does not create any obligation to reply on the part of Pragmatic Coders, however, we usually reply to every contact request within 14 days from the date we receive it.

Privacy policy

Information on the processing and protection of users' personal data is available here: https://www.pragmaticcoders.com/privacy-policy/ 


If you are unhappy with the electronic services covered by these terms, you can make a complaint at: contact@pragmaticcoders.com or send it in writing to our registered office address: ul. Aleja 29 Listopada 20, 31-401 Kraków, Poland.


Pragmatic Coders excludes its tort and contractual liability to all users for any damage in connection with or resulting from the use of the Website (including additional services), to the greatest extent allowed by the applicable law. This limitation will not apply to users who are consumers and to the instances of our intentional behavior. 

Intellectual property 

The content available on the Website is the sole property of the Pragmatic Coders and cannot be used in any form without the Pragmatic Coders' authorization.

Jurisdiction and applicable law

The Polish law applies to these terms. Any disputes related to these terms will be resolved by the court having jurisdiction over the registered office of Pragmatic Coders.

Changes to the terms

The terms and changes to the terms are binding for users from the moment of their publication.

Pragmatic Coders may change the terms at any time.

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