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Medical records management, customizable solutions, high level of security, highest UX standards, and more…

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Experience acquired during COVID-19

We joined the dynamic change in the digitization of the healthcare industry. Our knowledge allows us to develop highly efficient systems supporting patients and health professionals.

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Patient’s health management

We answered the market need for an employee vaccination management system, which improved co-workers' overall transparency and security during the pandemic period.


Medical data and care management

We provide our experience in building highly scalable and secure systems for managing patients' medical records by painless integration with EMRs and other medical providers. Our UX experts will help you move your patient's experience to the next level by improving their ability to communicate with physicians remotely.


WithHealth: Releasing fully operational patient MedTech portal in just 6 weeks in response to COVID-19 pandemic

WithHealth is a pioneer MedTech company founded in San Diego, US. Thanks to cloud technology, big data and advanced algorithms the company provides precision, proactive, personalized and affordable care for employers and employees. 

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A tremendous value that Pragmatic Coders brings to the table is that when we submit a user story, they don’t just take it and start working on it. They conduct a comprehensive internal review of the user story and come back with questions that push us to think of aspects that we didn’t consider. They really challenge us so that we don’t miss any requirements or make assumptions in our user stories.

Siobhan Lomba

Siobhan Lomba

Vice President of Technology, WithHealth


Why is it worth trusting our experience?

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During the last few years, we helped a lot of startup founders to change their idea into reality. We understand the healthcare market and will help you be one of our unicorns. 


Experience in web & mobile healthcare solutions

Our wide experience covers the whole UX process, visual design, excellent product management, as well as web and mobile software development for the healthcare industry. 

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Discover the right problem and grow

No matter if you are going to build the next healthcare solution, we are here to help you find the right problem to solve, grow your business and make your product scalable.

All competences in one place

All competencies in one place

Our team of 100+ people has all of the competencies needed to build your next custom healthcare software solution. Our software developers know how to deal with the requirements of the current market.

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8 out of 10 founders who contacted us wanted to work with our team. Want to learn why? Talk with Wojtek

Wojtek is our most experienced Startup Business Consultant. From startup founder and serial entrepreneur to business analyst Wojtek has all competencies needed to help with the early stages of your business. He will challenge your startup idea and help you create your launch plan and business strategy to ensure that your startup is going in the right direction. Schedule a meeting with Wojtek below. 

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