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Learn what our CEO has to say about us and our principles

At Pragmatic Coders, top tech talent meets a decade of industry experience, to deliver cutting-edge digital products.

Wiktor Żołnowski, CEO of Pragmatic Coders

Explaining our 5 principles


We build products, not software

Software development delivers outputs, while product development generates outcomes.

Instead of merely adding new features, we focus on developing solutions that people genuinely want to use.
Outcome-driven development ensures that we solve real problems.
Output-focused development is just coding for the sake of it.


Success stories

  • Banking
  • Fintech
  • Digital Health
  • Foodtech
  • E-commerce
  • Social media
  • Blockchain

Our story

Right from the beginning, we were not too keen on calling ourselves a software house. Instead, we prefer the name “Product Development Company.” Why? Because we want to be partners in building your product. We want to share our experience and expertise with you.


Hello software world

The great adventure has just begun!

In Krakow, Poland's largest software hub, Pragmatic Coders is beginning to spread its wings.


A year of development

We are only one year old and have 18 people on board, working for 4 international clients!


Pioneers of Blockchain

We started working with our first blockchain clients, becoming one of Europe's pioneering blockchain vendors.

FinTech experts

By now, we have 4 years of experience in developing alternative investment technology solutions, trading platforms, investment software, and other FinTech products.

Digital health professionals

We secured large MedTech partnerships amidst the global health crisis, capitalizing on our HIPAA-compliant product development expertise.

From scratch to success

After years of our partnership and multiple collaborative model iterations, Kitopi has evolved from a small startup in search of funding into a unicorn, securing a special spot in our portfolio.


8 years in FinTech

Trusting our FinTech experience acquired during dozens of collaborations, Atom, the UK's first fully digital bank, became our partner.

Making the difference

We partnered with a large MedTech company that brings care to the communities that need it the most. Together, we aim to make a real impact.

We embrace five core values

They define us as professionals — the first-choice software partners for founders.

We deliver value

The products we create propel our partners forward, make a real impact, and fulfill customers' needs.

We take ownership

Our experience and dedication allow us to fully grasp your idea, help refine it, and ensure its ultimate success.

We are pragmatic

Thanks to our results-oriented approach, we are able to deliver simple, yet effective solutions that efficiently address real problems.

We desire to grow

Short and dynamic feedback loops drive the constant improvement of the products we work on.

We are team-players

Trust, unity, and synergy within our product teams fuel us to create products that have a lasting impact on the market.

Our team

We've grown from a small software boutique to 100+ people while staying agile. We value our teammates' self-sufficiency, promoting it through our purpose-built processes. Our priorities are constant learning, teamwork, and skill refinement.


Awards and recognitions

Our skills and work quality have been recognized by the industry

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