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We create business value by building outstanding software products.

We do it in a pragmatic and lean way


Our long-term goal is to help 10 companies become unicorns before 2030. One is already there, more to come soon!

Our promise

Go-live with your product in less than three months

We focus on product development, not on software development. What is the difference? Our concern is to deliver your product to the market as soon as possible and to refine it when it’s already used by your clients.

Work with competent, business-oriented people

We don’t write code just to prove that our developers are the best craftsmen in the world. We write it to make your product useful, efficient and secure.

Find partners, not services providers

We build relations focused on delivering business value. Our customers feel that our people want to help them and that our goal is to find meaningful solutions.

See what makes us different

Over the years, we’ve developed custom processes and identified company values ​​that help us become a trusted technology partner to our clients.


We are partners

We build relations with our clients focused on delivering real business value.


We take ownership

We take responsibility to understand the context of your business to make knowledge-based decisions.


We are pragmatic

We always choose simple and effective solutions over fancy but complicated ones.


We desire to grow

Our job is to keep feedback loops short and learn from the outcome.


We are team-players

"Be the kind of person you would like to work with" - this is the principle that we follow every day.


Our story in numbers

See what we've already accomplished and think we're just getting started!


Extraordinary people in our team


Dedicated development teams working right now


Years in business


Weeks on average to start a new project

Over the last decade, we've helped our clients ship products for 175000 users with over 5000 features and more than $160 million in revenue.

If I were to start BLOC-X again, I would make the same choice in choosing Pragmatic Coders.

Andrew Taumazi
CEO and Founder

Time to market matters

Having a working MVP is an opportunity to collect feedback from the first users, and improve your product in a smart, pragmatic way. This is why we’re determined to reduce the scope of the project to the bare minimum and release it in less than 3 months!

29 - the average number of requirements that are in the scope of the product that we reject in order to go live faster!

Meet our Management & Consulting team

We are familiar with the challenges of running a constantly growing company. That's why we always keep the business value in mind when working on your product. Yes, we love building new disruptive things and challenging the status quo - but we also keep in mind that business is about money.

Wiktor Żołnowski

Wiktor is a visioner, Agile trainer, blogger, and public speaker with more than 12 years of experience in software development.
He strongly believes that most modern world problems could be solved by a combination of technology, passion, and knowledge. He also loves sailing in his free time.

Marcin Dziedzic

Marcin has been writing software since he remembers. He spent hundreds of hours forming business-oriented Agile teams and leading them to success. Now, he puts all his passion and dedication to run Pragmatic Coders where we combine cross-project experience to build amazing products.

Duke Vu

Duke is a serial entrepreneur and manager with over 14 years of experience in IT and consulting. He specializes in prototyping, launching, and growing software products across all sectors, including Retail, Banking, FinTech, and Blockchain. He plays a crucial role in early-stage projects.

Marcin Byrdziak

Marcin identifies projects needs and provides all necessary resources to meet them. He also cares about the highest quality of services and constant improvement through retrospectives. If you start cooperating with Pragmatic Coders, you will meet him during the kick-off meeting. He spends his free time dancing salsa.

Wojciech Kniżewski

Wojciech is responsible for helping Startups and young companies to acquire the sufficient funds they need for development and scaling.  He cares also about such things as business strategy, monetization of services, or market positioning. If you plan to launch your first product he should be your first contact.

Dominika Słoninka

Dominika is the first point of contact for our potential and recurring Clients. She plays a crucial role in recognizing the needs, finding solutions, and finally estimating the project's scope, resources, costs. Her main goal is to find the best match between the Client and the Pragmatic Coders Team.

Meet our business-oriented Product Development Team

At Pragmatic Coders, we focus on excellent communication and pragmatism. We offer you outstanding, business-oriented Product Owners who will take care of your product and help you make smart decisions.

Sylwia Baryła

Sylwia enjoys creating business analyses for startups, setting product development directions, and organizing processes. While working on a product she focuses on maximizing business value and tries to do everything as simple as possible. Privately she sings, practices acrobatics, and meditates.

Paweł Wrzeszcz

With over 13 years’ experience in IT, including 9 years on the business side, Paweł is bridging the gap between these two worlds. He founded and was a board member in a 30+ people company delivering custom software solutions. He makes sure the products that are built deliver real value. After work? Avid blues and fusion dancer.

Paweł Jurewicz

Paweł loves two things: working with people and turning foggy visions into real products. He values mutual respect, kindness and trust. Our clients love Paweł for his creative, positive approach and problem-solving attitude. In his free time he practices QiGong and learns Thai massage.

Jakub Dobosz

Jakub values teamwork, honesty, and effective communication, which he believes is the only way to business success and great personal achievements. He is focused on business value and finding ways to deliver it efficiently. In his free time he enjoys morning swimming, bicycle rides, meditation, and travels.

Krzysztof Pykosz

Krzysztof has successfully managed and coached many international teams in various fields of business. In his work, he focuses on creating true partnerships with clients based on trust, transparency and honesty. Privately he is a volunteer and a lumberjack patent holder.

Krzysztof Zwardoń

Krzysztof is an experienced (13+ yrs) entrepreneur and software development manager. He has operated with many teams and companies in different industries like aviation, innovative hardware (IoT), smartphone apps, industry sector. 

Michał Kania

Michał is fascinated by different business models and strategies. His dynamic and creative nature, leads usually him to thousand ideas per day. He believes that teamwork and agile methodologies can make miracles. Privately interested in geopolitics and DIY woodworking.

Katarzyna Smoleń-Drzazga

Katarzyna helps clients to design the products customers love. She strongly believes that a perfect product is a golden ratio between user needs, business goals, and applied technology. As a professional UX Expert, she has spoken at numerous meetups and conferences. After hours, she writes and dances ballroom.

Mateusz Grądkowski

Mateusz loves creating user-friendly interfaces and all kinds of digital designs for various devices. He has gained professional experience by transforming ideas into ready-made products for many startups and software companies. Privately loves cooking, snowboarding and football.