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18 months

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May 2022
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About Frost

Frost is an intuitive e-money institution launched in spring 2022 by co-founders Pawel Oltuszyk and Edyta Sliwinska. More than just a current account, this app-based fintech offers users spending control and provider comparison features that go beyond their competitors. They do this by educating their customers on how to make their money go further.

These features are powered by intelligent AI and automation, and the algorithms that run within the app enable customers to combine tedious financial tasks in one convenient place – reducing the time and stress associated with managing spend. Now, the team is progressing with plans for more innovative fintech app development.

The challenge

To stay ahead of the fintech curve, Frost has always focused on finding the right people with the right skill set. And Pragmatic Coders has been helping them to achieve this since well before their public launch.

Problems that Frost faced

  • They had a limited startup budget
  • Hiring top UK talent was expensive
  • To fulfill their ambitions, their onboarded staff needed to be highly skilled

Ultimately, Frost’s new staff had to hit the ground running, with good knowledge of the latest trends and the ability to work progressively while following best practices. After talking to a number of software houses to help them augment their engineering team and build the product, they landed with Pragmatic.

The solution

Frost liked our engagement and interest in their product – a must if we were to understand their needs and supply the right individuals for the fintech software development process. Following this, we helped to nearshore their staff from Poland.

We quickly plugged in a number of talented individuals that fit in well with the team and were able to work in an agile, test-driven development. This is a crucial factor when building a product from scratch, as Frost has successfully achieved.

(...) Pragmatic has highly skilled engineers available immediately but most importantly, passionate people who love what they do and learn new things very quickly. I recommend Pragmatic Coders to anyone who requires expert software development no matter the stage of their business.


Pawel Oltuszyk

CEO, Frost

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