Product Discovery Workshops

Product Discovery Workshops

Every story has a beginning. We offer a 4-step approach that will give you knowledge about your potential users, the scope of the project, the right technology and the timeline of the development together with the budget.

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Plan your project in a clever way

When the budget is limited, investing all your resources into a large-scale development may easily lead to financial losses. We can help you to reduce the risk with a planned workshop session. After understanding what your users want, you can identify the core features and adjust your project scope accordingly.

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Step 1 - UX Research

We will conduct in-depth UX research to identify your target users' preferences. 

  • We will provide you answers to the questions: what your users need and what they are struggling with.
  • Knowing that we can work on satisfying those needs and ultimately make the customers choose your product.
Step 2 - Scoping session

We will prioritize your project features based on the UX research and make sure that the first release of your project is not only inexpensive but also hits the target market with surgical precision at the same time.

  • You will receive a clear list of MVP features based on your potential (or actual) users' preferences.
  • Are all the features really necessary at once? We will help you to create a roadmap with all the remaining features.
Step 3 - Technology analysis

Our engineers will adjust the proper technology and determine whether the product is doable. We will support you in choosing the right tech stack and creating architecture for the project.

  • We will conduct a quick wins analysis - on how to launch your project ASAP. We will help you to find out what doesn’t have to be built but can be integrated/obtained instead.
  • You will receive the architecture draft of your project, it will be your primary technical document for your further journey
  • You will know what is the right tech stack for the project.
Step 4 - Development timeline & budget

In the final step, we will make sure that you know the timeline of the MVP development, team size and finally the approximate budget.

  • The workshop will answer your questions regarding users, scope, technology and budget.
  • We will make sure that your product is maximally optimized and will be developed for the lowest budget possible in the fastest possible time.
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UltiArena: Gamechanger NFT marketplace for gamers

With the help of our people, UltiArena managed to raise $4M in their first round of ICO. 

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Our recommendation

Pragmatic Coders has helped us a lot in a fast, customer-friendly, and practical way. The diversified blockchain experience is making an important impact on our business development during our current fundraising phase. There are only a few developers in the world that are capable of developing our concepts properly, and Pragmatic Coders is one of them. With them, the customer is king.


Duke Vu

CEO, UltiArena

Be our next unicorn

Our long-term goal is to help 10 companies become unicorns before 2030. One is already there, more to come soon!

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Why is it worth trusting our product discovery process?

Precise data vs lucky guess

You’ll base your project on precise data obtained from your potential users instead of a lucky guess. MVP scope needs to be as precisely targeted as possible. We will help you to avoid the mistake of building a decade-long roadmap. We will set the scope for the priority features after every release instead.

Tailored for the next investment round

Your next investors need to see traction, we understand that perfectly. You don’t need to build the whole product and spend all your budget on the development. Instead, we will help you to scope your project into the MVP which will obtain the traction that will get you to the next investment round.

A solid foundation

Most startups make mistakes at the beginning - they have wrong assumptions regarding their target market and continue the development based on the wrong foundation. You won’t make this mistake with us. Instead of spending money on the development of unnecessary features, spend it on marketing activities or reaching out to your next investors.

We understand startups
We understand startups

We truly understand the struggle, because we have already faced it ourselves. Many Pragmatic Coders specialists who will work with you had their own startups, failed, succeeded and learned. We understand the challenges you deal with: limited budget, huge scope and all the ideas that need to be forged into a product.


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From startup founder to the business analyst - Wojtek has all competencies needed to help with the early stages of your business. He will challenge your startup idea, help you to create your launch plan and business strategy, so you will be sure that your startup is going in the right direction. 

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