Product Discovery Workshops

Unleash Your Idea's Potential With Product Discovery Workshop

Review your idea with startup experts and develop a product in a time-saving way!

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Benefits of Product Discovery Workshop

After building more than 80 startup products, we know how to do it right and speed up your success.

Cut unnecessary costs

Optimize the scope of work to generate maximum value for the minimum price

Save precious time

Discover quick wins on how to launch the product on the market as soon as possible

Gain valuable insights

Double-check that nothing is stopping you from developing the product

Prepare for development

Create a detailed product backlog in the project management software

The entire focus was on the product and the customer, and I loved it. (...) The team was turning up with solutions to problems I didn't know we had.

Product Discovery Workshop: The Outcomes

Make sure you invest your funding in creating profitable software users (and investors) desire. This is what your Product Discovery Session will give you:

UX Research

Discover who your target users are and what they want to ensure you can precisely address their needs and win them over with your product.

Scoping session

Determine which product features must be developed before with us in a scoping session, and save your money on something other than time-wasters.

Technology analysis

Choose the right technology with advice from our experts so that you can expand it without any difficulties in the future.

Timeline & budget

Make sure you know your development timeline and approximate budget to plan your action super-efficiently.

Pragmatic Opinions

Check what people who create Product Discovery Workshops say about them

The goal is to provide our clients with a ready product as soon and cheaply as possible. We're not like, "Sure, we can build you any product you dream of." You can create infinite products, but that costs. We want to make sure you don't lose your money.

Darek Mózgowój
Darek Mózgowój Product Owner at Pragmatic Coders

We come up with the MVP scope and decide on which product features are actually necessary and will bring us the most benefits. We choose those that would fit in the smallest budget and be developed in the shortest amount of time.

Michał Grabarczyk
Michał Grabarczyk Software Engineer at Pragmatic Coders

The client walks out of the workshops with the knowledge of how to develop a product in the fastest and most cost-effective way based on valuable insights and precise data. Thanks to the workshops you can build highly precise products.

Wojciech Kniżewski
Wojciech Kniżewski Startup Consultant at Pragmatic Coders

Simply put, you have the ability to gather the information that gives you a full overview of the product and the entire project: not just the features but things like a good marketing strategy, a solid business plan, and a clear understanding of our potential clients.

Artur Adamczyk
Artur Adamczyk Product Owner at Pragmatic Coders

We can develop products better and know if there is potential for a given product because we come to the workshop with specific data. And that's the most significant value for the client we will be working with.

Katarzyna Smoleń
Katarzyna Smoleń UX Designer at Pragmatic Coders

The undeniable benefit of attending our workshops is saving money in the long run - avoiding expensive mistakes. You pay for the workshop, but it gives you a good foundation so you don't waste money creating products that no one needs.

Dominika Słoninka
Dominika Słoninka Startup Consultant at Pragmatic Coders

Unlocked: Successful Product Discovery Workshop leading to a better budget allocation

We've helped to shape the development of our early-stage tech proposition. During our prototyping sessions, we've overcome some of the challenges which lead to a more refined product direction and extended potential scope.

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Learn how to turn your idea into a ready product

Have product hypotheses but don’t know how to validate them? Nor sure you understand the business context of your product? Discuss it with our experts and build your startup now!


Product Discovery Workshops Timeline

Software Developers at Work

First Calls

Contact our startup business consultant to explain what you're looking for and see how we can help you.

Agreed you want the workshop? Great! During our second call, you'll discuss your idea directly with our development team.


Initial UX Research

We will conduct in-depth UX research to identify your target users' preferences.

Once you know what your users are struggling with, we can work on satisfying their needs and ultimately make the customers choose your product.


3-Day Workshop Session

In three days, you'll develop your strategy, create business goals, and plan product development with our help.

Together we'll build your product backlog and roadmap that will help you design the next steps for your startup.


Workshop Summary

You'll receive your workshop summary from our Product Owner.

With all the outcomes from the workshop summed up, you can be sure there are no blank spaces in your development plan and nothing will stop you from delivering your product to your users.

Product Discovery Workshop - Sample Agenda

Day 1
Learn the client’s needs and expectations
Define the market
Customer Segment Matrix
Day 2

Define business goals
Evaluate and improve the product idea

Lean Product Canvas
Product Vision Statement

Day 3
Look for potential risks and logical errors Design product architecture
Create development plan

Assumption Mapping
User Story Mapping
Roadmap & Budget

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