Product Discovery Workshops

Product Discovery Workshops

Every story has a beginning. We offer a 4-step approach that will give you knowledge about your potential users, the scope of the project, the right technology and the timeline of the development together with the budget.

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Plan your project in a clever way

When the budget is limited, investing all your resources into a large-scale development may easily lead to financial losses. We can help you to reduce the risk with a planned workshop session. After understanding what your users want, you can identify the core features and adjust your project scope accordingly.

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Step 1 - UX Research

We will conduct in-depth UX research to identify your target users' preferences. 

  • We will provide you answers to the questions: what your users need and what they are struggling with.
  • Knowing that we can work on satisfying those needs and ultimately make the customers choose your product.

Step 2 - Scoping session

We will prioritize your project features based on the UX research and make sure that the first release of your project is not only inexpensive but also hits the target market with surgical precision at the same time.

  • You will receive a clear list of MVP features based on your potential (or actual) users' preferences.
  • Are all the features really necessary at once? We will help you to create a roadmap with all the remaining features.

Step 3 - Technology analysis

Our engineers will adjust the proper technology and determine whether the product is doable. We will support you in choosing the right tech stack and creating architecture for the project.

  • We will conduct a quick wins analysis - on how to launch your project ASAP. We will help you to find out what doesn’t have to be built but can be integrated/obtained instead.
  • You will receive the architecture draft of your project, it will be your primary technical document for your further journey
  • You will know what is the right tech stack for the project.

Step 4 - Development timeline & budget

In the final step, we will make sure that you know the timeline of the MVP development, team size and finally the approximate budget.

  • The workshop will answer your questions regarding users, scope, technology and budget.
  • We will make sure that your product is maximally optimized and will be developed for the lowest budget possible in the fastest possible time.
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Why is it worth trusting our product discovery process?


Precise data vs lucky guess

You’ll base your project on precise data obtained from your potential users instead of a lucky guess. MVP scope needs to be as precisely targeted as possible. We will help you to avoid the mistake of building a decade-long roadmap. We will set the scope for the priority features after every release instead.


Tailored for the next investment round

Your next investors need to see traction, we understand that perfectly. You don’t need to build the whole product and spend all your budget on the development. Instead, we will help you to scope your project into the MVP which will obtain the traction that will get you to the next investment round.


A solid foundation

Most startups make mistakes at the beginning - they have wrong assumptions regarding their target market and continue the development based on the wrong foundation. You won’t make this mistake with us. Instead of spending money on the development of unnecessary features, spend it on marketing activities or reaching out to your next investors.

We understand startups

We understand startups

We truly understand the struggle, because we have already faced it ourselves. Many Pragmatic Coders specialists who will work with you had their own startups, failed, succeeded and learned. We understand the challenges you deal with: limited budget, huge scope and all the ideas that need to be forged into a product.

Why should I choose Product Discovery Workshops?

80% of companies or startups fail because of product-market fit mismatch.

However, don’t let these statistics discourage you. We know how to point you in the right direction and help you avoid common startup mistakes. That’s what our Product Discovery Workshops are for.

Product Discovery Workshops are a process where our product team and you meet to establish what your potential users want and how to build it. We discuss the product, collect and analyze all the data we have, and look for weak and strong points of your product vision to provide you with a ready product strategy.

We don't want to be your service providers. We want to be your partners, so we'll do everything to ensure you don't fail and lose money. Behind the idea of Product Discovery Workshops lays the need to understand you. If we know exactly what you're looking for, you can be sure your goals will be met, and you'll be provided with the best service possible.

Thanks to the Product Discovery Workshops, we can understand your needs and prioritize our work based on them. You have your idea reviewed by a group of experts who will not only tell you if your product makes sense but also structure your idea, perform initial market and user experience research, and prepare an initial product backlog.

Sometimes during the Product Discovery Workshops, clients' ideas turn out to be missed because they come to realize they don't understand their product entirely and don't know what to do with it.

We call such a situation a success.

Why? Because it means you've already saved thousands of dollars, you could've lost investing in a startup idea that wouldn't work.

That's what Product Discovery Workshops are all about - building your product vision and ensuring it will sell.

Let’s do it together.


Product Owner
You can create infinite products, but that costs. Our goal is to provide iur clients with a ready product as soon and cheaply as possible. We're not like, "Sure, we can build you any product you dream of." We want to make sure you don't lose your money, and that's thrift.
Software Engineer
Thanks to the scoping session we can quickly get to something very valuable in a very short amount of time without coding or any major costs. Working with the client, together we can come to an understanding and craft a vision of an inexpensive product that can bring us value. The scoping session also gives the client the ability to validate their idea and find a unique value.
Startup Consultant
The client walks out of the workshops with the knowledge of how to develop a product in the fastest and most cost-effective way based on valuable insights and precise data. Thanks to the workshops you can build highly precise products.

Be our next unicorn

Our long-term goal is to help 10 companies become unicorns before 2030. One is already there, more to come soon!

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What do the Product Discovery Workshops look like in practice?

The Product Discovery Workshops are divided into three phases: Strategy, Business, and Planning. To learn as much as possible and achieve our objectives, we use a variety of tools and techniques throughout each part of the product discovery process.

Building A Strategy

In this phase, we concentrate on conducting research and doing a comprehensive market study. We inform the customer of the expected outcomes of the workshops during this stage, as well as discover information regarding their goals and priorities.

To obtain knowledge about potential customers' behaviors and motives, we employ techniques such as client segmentation and the customer segment matrix.

Client segmentation is the process of dividing a population into groups, or segments, on the basis of some shared characteristic or attribute. It is important in the product discovery process because it helps us understand what our customers want and need. This information is essential for designing a product that meets their needs and appeals to them.

By the end of this phase, you will have an understanding of your possible market, company needs, and target audience - all of the necessary elements for building a product strategy.

Creating Business Goals

In the next part of the product discovery process, you will focus on the product and how it can solve the problems of your potential user base. Using methods like Lean Product Canvas, you'll develop a clear product vision and be able to see your product from the user's perspective.

The Lean Canvas model helps simplify the process of creating and iterating on a business model by breaking it down into nine key sections: customer segments, value proposition, channels, customer acquisition, revenue model, cost structure, team, milestones, and risks.

 By using this tool we can evaluate and improve our product idea.

Also, with our help, you’ll create a proper Product Vision Statement by putting together a list of the most valuable aspects of your product (based on the Lean Canvas) and sum them up in a sentence that can serve as an elevator pitch.

After this stage, you will know if your idea is realistic and makes sense.

Planning Product Development

The goal of the last stage of the product discovery workshops is to map out the potential risks and areas that need further exploration and improvement.

To do this we use techniques such as assumption mapping and user stories. This allows us to narrow down our list of priorities, set goals and create a plan for product development.

The primary objective of this part of the workshop is to understand the product from a technical standpoint and design an architecture that reflects previously gathered knowledge. We share with you the way we develop products at Pragmatic Coders and discuss what you can expect in the coming months if you decide to develop your product with us.

Another outcome of this phase is establishing a mutual understanding of the development plan and spotting logical errors and risks, as well as defining where ready-made solutions may be utilized to reduce expenses.

Product Discovery Workshops - Sample Agenda

Day 1
Learn the client's needs and expectations
Define the market

The Customer
Segment Matrix
Day 2

Define business goals
Evaluate and improve the product idea

Lean Product
Canvas Product
Vision Statement

Day 3
Look for potential risks and logical errors Design product architecture
Create development plan
Assumption Mapping
User Story Mapping
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What are the benefits of Product Discovery Workshops?

Product Discovery Workshops can provide many benefits for your businesses, including:

Understanding and improving your product

You will mitigate the project risk by having someone with a fresh view and not emotionally related to your product. You'll meet with professionals who can answer your questions and give you feedback. The workshop team will include a product owner, developers, UX designers, and business consultants (if required). Such a cross-functional collaboration will give you a broader perspective and draw your attention to aspects of your product you might not have considered before.

Receiving a clear strategy of what your next steps should be

Business owners often are unsure of what steps they need to take to achieve their goals. During a Product Discovery Workshop, you will receive a clear product management strategy of what should be done next to achieve your goals. This way, you can focus on what is most important for your business and avoid wasting time on unnecessary tasks.

Getting to know your project idea thoroughly

In order to verify the feasibility of a project and business idea, it is vital to know all there is to know about it. A Product Discovery Workshop will help you do just that – explore every aspect of your project and determine whether or not it is worth pursuing further.

One of the most valuable parts of our product discovery process is the scoping session, which is held after conducting initial user research and helps generate a list of features required to create the first version of your product.

Reducing the risk of building a product that won't sell

Starting a new business can be risky, but participating in a Product Discovery Workshop can substantially reduce that risk. You will better understand your product's marketability and the steps necessary to bring it to fruition.

Saving money in the long term

By participating in a Product Discovery Workshop, you can save money in the long term. This will help you better assess the feasibility of your project and what steps are needed to make it happen. In addition, you will receive expertise from professionals with significant experience working with startups so that you can avoid costly mistakes.

Working with professionals

Our team members have gathered lots of experience working with our former partners. We've helped 60+ startups succeed, so you can be sure we know our job and will also help you succeed. We always deliver product iterations on time and according to agreed terms. No delays, no budget burnouts. You can sleep well while your product is in our hands.

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How long do Product Discovery Workshops take, and what is the cost?

The price and length of the workshops are based on a client's needs. The whole Product Discovery process can be as short as one day and as long as two weeks, but it all depends on the client. It's usually 2-5 days.

It may take longer to complete the workshop if you're just starting out with your business. However, the workshop will be shorter if you've gathered some of the necessary information or have prior experience.

We adjust the Product Discovery Workshop plan to suit you best, so you can be sure we'll do everything to make you get the most out of it.

What happens before the Product Discovery Workshops?

We do our best to bring to the workshops as much value as possible. We must take a few steps to fully understand your startup's needs and prepare tailor-suited Product Discovery Workshops for you.

The procedure is as follows:

  • You contact our startup consultant - Wojtek or Dominika
  • Once we've agreed on collaboration, our startup consultants will gather the product team to assist you during the Product Discovery Workshops (Product Owner, UX designer, developer). If a client requests it, an NDA is signed.
  • We need your information to ensure we can address your needs thoroughly and the Product Discovery process goes undisturbed. We'll ask you to tell us more about your product idea and share your pitch deck or documentation with us.
  • When we have all the information necessary, we move to create an agenda for your Product Discovery Workshop.
  • The agenda's okay; now we can start the Product Discovery Workshops!



Do I have to go to Cracow to participate in the Product Discovery Workshops?

No, the Product Discovery Workshops can be held online, offline, or both online and offline.

However, we do recommend you come to meet us in our office. Live meetings are, in general, more efficient and convenient.

The decision of whether the product discovery workshops should take place online or onsite is entirely up to you.

Online meetings can be accessed from any location and at any time, which is convenient for a busy schedule, but they fall behind in terms of personal interactions and may be less engaging than the onsite workshops where you can meet the participants face-to-face.

With onsite meetings, you can get more out of the workshops with personal interaction as well as receive feedback and assistance in person.

What question can I expect prior to the Product Discovery Workshops?

Our goal is to understand your product vision and learn everything there is to know about your goals and the sector you want to introduce your product to. Because of this, you may anticipate a lot of inquiries from us.

The more information we have from you, the better we'll be able to comprehend your needs and priorities, as well as learn how we can modify the workshops to fit your demands.

By asking the right questions, together, we will find the answers to guarantee that you can offer a product that satisfies your users' requirements.




Some of the questions that you can expect from us are:

  • How did you come up with the idea for your product?
  • How will your product change the world?
  • What problems does it solve?
  • How is your product different from your competitors and what is the unique value proposition?
  • How would you define the success of your product?
  • What would cause this project to fail?
  • What are your expectations towards Pragmatic Coders? How would you consider the workshops to be successful?
  • Who is your target audience? How will they use your product? What are their "pain points"? What qualities do they represent?
  • Which product features are the most important to you?
  • Are there any important deadlines we must meet?
  • Have you conducted UX research? If yes, what methods did you use and why?
  • What platforms is the product intended for?
  • Have you got a marketing strategy? Which KPIs are most important for you?
  • How will you acquire users for your product?
  • How will you profit from your product?
Software Engineer
Looking at the entirety of the requirements for the MVP we pick the ones that are most important and we discover how this product is different, and what is its unique value proposition. Together we come up with the MVP scope and decide on which features are actually necessary and will bring us the most benefits that would fit in the smallest budget and be developed in the shortest amount of time.
Product Owner
You can create infinite products, but that costs. Our goal is to provide iur clients with a ready product as soon and cheaply as possible. We're not like, "Sure, we can build you any product you dream of." We want to make sure you don't lose your money, and that's thrift.
Product Owner

It's possible that some code elements prepared by someone else can be used to achieve the desired results. Integrating pre-made elements and tools is ideal for when you need to validate your product idea and understand if it makes sense or not. So the approach we take depends on the client and whether their goal is to establish a "proof of concept" or build a product that can later be scaled.


Any questions?

You already know what questions from us to expect, but is there anything you'd like to ask us? 


What are the outputs of the Product Discovery Workshops?

By the end of the product discovery process, you will walk out with a clear and more realistic vision of your product and a better understanding of what needs to be done in order to achieve your business goals. There are a few possible outcomes of the workshops.

  1. Firstly, you may come to the conclusion that your product is not feasible. Therefore, you know in advance that you can save both time and money by not investing in something that would not work out.
  2. Another possible result is gaining new ideas based on the initial concept of your product. For example, your product idea may have potential but you've been considering the wrong target audience.
  3. Finally, it might turn out that your initial product idea matches your target audience. Then, there's nothing stopping you from developing it.

Depending on the client and the situation, the outcomes of our workshops may be different but there is one thing you can be sure of - leaving with a huge amount of practical knowledge that will help you structure your idea.

After the workshops, we take time to revise all of the gathered information and,  based on the results of the used product discovery techniques and additional research, we create a roadmap with estimated dates and milestones. We then get back to you with the roadmap proposition and discuss the necessary adjustments.

An important advantage that comes at the end of the workshops is that you will receive a more precise cost estimate for your product development plan as it is backed up by research and data from the exercises and methods used throughout the entire process. You will know which product features are non-negotiable and which ones can be left for the future.

You'll have time to reflect on the report and our recommendations before making your ultimate decision regarding involvement in the development stage of your product. 

You can decide to take the next step with us and start developing your product. The average price for the "lightest" MVP is around $100-$180 thousand, and the expected go-to-market time we are aiming at can be as short as 3 months.

Apart from that, you receive deliverables in the form of digitalized materials which include all of the notes and research done during the workshops. As part of the deliverables, we provide you with the initial product backlog and product requirements as well as (depending on what we agree at the start):

  • Market Research
  • Lean Product Canvas/Business Model Canvas
  • Customer Journey Map
  • Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi UI designs
  • Persona
  • MoSCoW
  • Hypothesis Testing Scenarios


Who is involved in the Product Discovery Workshops and how do we work?

After you make the decision to take part in the Product Discovery Workshops small cross-functional teams are assigned to them. The number of product team members varies depending on the scope of the project, but the minimum amount of participants is 3 and they include a:


  • Product Owner - the business strategy, market, and customer expert
  • UX/UI Designer - manages the design and user experience aspects of your product
  • Developer - the tech expert (specializing in different technologies depending on your product)



When it comes to our work approach, one of our priorities is to develop a close working relationship with our clients. Together we learn as much as possible about the product during this short yet knowledge-infused time period. We consider important factors like the potential customer base and the specific industry that the product will be introduced to.

The objective is to collaborate and come up with a method to simplify your product's extensive list of concepts into the essential requirements that the MVP will fulfill.

At Pragmatic Coders, we work in the Agile way using the SCRUM method. This allows us to work in short bursts and makes sure that everyone is always on the same page. This way of working also means that we can quickly fix any problems that come up.

Our clients participate in our sprint reviews which take place every two weeks, so they're always kept up-to-date on our progress and can give us feedback as needed.

Another crucial aspect of our work is making sure that our methods are efficient and produce high-quality results.

In terms of cooperating and communicating with the client, each client has a dedicated Product Owner.

Additionally, to ensure quality control and clients' satisfaction with our work and cooperation we ask for customer feedback every 3 months.

UX Lead
We come with specific data; we talk about specific programs; we talk about specific priorities of that user; we can develop products better; we know if there is potential for that product. We are able to see what the priorities are and what is the biggest problem of the users that we want to solve. And that's the most significant value for the customer we will be working with.
Startup Consultant
The undeniable benefit of attending our workshops is saving money in the long run - avoiding expensive mistakes. You pay for the workshop, but it gives you a good foundation so you don't waste money creating products that no one needs.
Product Owner
You can gather all of the necessary information in regard to your entire business. It's important to be aware that behind every successful product are not just the features but things like a good marketing strategy, a solid business plan, and a clear understanding of our potential clients. Simply put, you have the ability to gather the information that gives you a full overview of the product and the entire project.

How can I be sure that working with you will bring satisfying results?

  • Having worked 8 years in the field and working with various clients gave us the opportunity to gain the necessary experience in product development. We have successfully brought many ideas to life in a multitude of industries, including Fintech, Blockchain, e-commerce, healthcare, and entertainment. Take a look at our case studies to get an idea of what we're capable of!
  • Our most significant accomplishment to date is building our first unicorn, Kitopi, a cloud kitchen software. If you're interested in learning more about the project, please read our case study.
  • We customize our workshops to each client, making sure that they are suitable to their needs - as a result, the time and members of staff may differ for every customer. Instead of just delivering you a service, we want to become your business partner and provide you with solutions that make sense and produce desirable results.
  • The information you get throughout the Product Discovery process is based on qualitative research, not our imagination, so you can be confident that you are making the right decisions for your business.

The product discovery process done alone can be a long one, and receiving help from professionals early on in the discovery phase of the process can make all the difference. With our years of experience in product discovery, we know what it takes to create a winning product.


Any questions?

If you're looking for help with product discovery or any other stage of product development, or have any questions about your project don't hesitate to reach out to us and see how we can help.

Let us show you what we can do.

Ulitarena fundrising consulting-1

UltiArena: Gamechanger NFT marketplace for gamers

With the help of our people, UltiArena managed to raise $4M in their first round of ICO. 

Read the case study


Pragmatic Coders has helped us a lot in a fast, customer-friendly, and practical way. The diversified blockchain experience is making an important impact on our business development during our current fundraising phase. There are only a few developers in the world that are capable of developing our concepts properly, and Pragmatic Coders is one of them. With them, the customer is king.


Duke Vu

CEO, UltiArena


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