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Mobile & web development, AI, UX, and more – each issue is centered around one of the topics in which we excel.

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Pragmatic Talks

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Browse through a curated selection of articles from our blog, reports, guides, and  LinkedIn news. Read, get practical knowledge & succeed.

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Explore actual examples of our product development, the business challenges we encountered, and our solutions.


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Latest news and helpful resources from Forbes, Sifted, Entrepreneur, HackerNoon, McKinsey, Harward Business Review & more.

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We created the Pragmatic Times newsletter to share our know-how in what we do best: software development and related areas.

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The knowledge we share in the Pragmatic Times newsletter will prove valuable to everyone interested in creating digital products that generate income and are loved by users.

Startup founders

Who are looking for industry knowledge that will help them turn their ideas into reality.

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Who are interested in strategies to scale their endeavors and manage their organizations.

Industry professionals

Developers, UX specialists, and Product Managers interested in learning from fellow professionals.

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