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Engage and delight your customers thanks to dedicated social media, video, music, or events applications.

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Experts in entertainment software development

Understanding the potential in the entertainment market, we will take care of your product from start to finish, creating exceptional solutions loved by customers.

Social media solutions

Social media apps are more popular than ever. Connecting friends and families, speeding up communication, or sharing exceptional memories - there is so much to cover. Do you have your own idea? Let’s discover the potential, test it and create an amazing solution!

Video and music apps

No doubt, that video is a format of the future. Do you see potential in entertainment software creation? Develop exceptional products with a data-based strategy and outstanding design, leaving your competition far behind you.

Travel & tourism apps

Create a travel solution that suits your customers' needs. Help your customers book trips, bill for them, and manage transport in an easy and effective way.

Duel: Designing the product roadmap and building the MVP for a challenger video social media app

We develop a unique video social network for Generation Z users by conducting advanced UVP, customer mapping, and creating a new product roadmap.

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Discover Cracow: Complete platform for sales and management of tourists' attractions in Cracow city.

We have created a complete platform for tourists' attraction management for the biggest local tours provider in Poland.

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I'm impressed by how flexible Pragmatic Coders is (...). Culturally, they're a really good fit for us, and the team is very responsive to feedback. Whenever I ask them to do something, they look at it, and they're not scared to push back. I've found it very easy to work with them — we have more of a partnership than a client-supplier relationship.

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During the last few years, we helped a lot of startup founders to change their idea into reality. We understand the e-commerce market and will help you be one of our unicorns.

Experience in web & mobile e-commerce solutions

Our wide experience covers the whole UX process, visual design, excellent product management, as well as web and mobile software development for the e-commerce industry.

Discover the right problem and grow

No matter if you are going to build the next event management app or video-streaming platform, we are here to help you find the right problem to solve, grow your business and make your product scalable.

All competencies in one place

Our team of 100+ people has all of the competencies needed to build your next custom entertainment software solution. Our software developers know how to deal with the requirements of the entertainment market.

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