UltiArena: Developing a revolutionary NFT Blockchain marketplace in Play-to-Earn gaming industry






6 months


April 2021

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UltiArena interface


The client has chosen Pragmatic Coders due to its extensive experience in developing blockchain-based fintech products and unique Product Design concepts. We were (and still are) thrilled with the chance to take such an interesting project on board, especially because we saw its strong fundamentals, ambitious, strategic goals, and market alignment.

We found that UltiArena had a well-developed product vision and strategy from the very beginning, and also took care of product marketing. It made it easier for us to understand the whole idea of Ulti Arena, so we could select a business-oriented team, customized to client needs.


It is a revolutionary concept that allows players to be rewarded with tokens depending on how much they play and what their skills are. The concept is a more ecological and sustainable alternative to mining Cryptocurrencies, as it doesn’t require powerful graphics cards that consume a huge amount of energy to run constantly. Especially since Bitcoin’s environmental impact is increasingly being discussed in the media. The Proof-of-Game concept also seems very fair, as the user’s participation in the network, and how many ULTI tokens they receive, will depend on the time spent playing and on achievements. So for players, it will be a combination of enjoyment with investing and earning real money.

NFT Marketplace

The number of ways NFTs can be used in the gaming industry is countless. Moreover, in 2020 alone, the NFT market tripled to $250+ million while the number of active wallets nearly doubled. The market for video games is also growing fast, and won’t stop in the near future. From there, the idea for an NFT platform for people involved in video games was born in our client’s mind. The platform will be based on Blockchain technology and the Proof-of-Gaming concept rewarding the Gamers for playing (for both playing time and skills).

Founders’ target is to onboard 1,500 game studios and more than 10,000 game artists.

Pragmatic Coders has been chosen by UltiArena Team to help develop all the features & tools required to launch the marketplace, communication, and the Proof-of-Gaming mechanism.
According to the CEO & Founder, the main factor was our extensive Blockchain software development experience,

In search of answers

UltiArena is trying to create a unique place where all people can create, play games, and earn real money in a variety of ways. It must answer the main needs of several user personas in a very vibrant, experimental environment. The Product Development Team (Ulti and PC) has planned specific features for each user type upfront and in detail. We believe that this user-first approach to the project will drive mass adoption. Here are some challenges for each target group:

Game Artists 

  • A new and better way to showcase and sell their works: 2D/3D assets, artworks, brushes, resources, tutorials
  • Access to large, gaming projects advertised by Game Developers / Creators / Producers
  • Payments in crypto from clients, gamers, and customers for the works, NFTs, merch, and projects are done on the platform
  • Enabling collaboration on Artworks (2D/3D assets) with external parties.

Developers / Creators

  • Passive income –  interest from games and all associated NFT assets
  • Access to the pool of talented, NFT artists and the gaming community
  • Ability to buy and sell NFT Game Assets including UI, 2D/3D assets, and Music/Sound on the NFT Marketplace
  • Full set of tools to collaborate on 2D/3D files with your future partner, imagine a Google Docs for 2D/3D game assets.


  • Play2Earn to ensure both the highest level of play as well as generating ULTI Tokens passively
  • Ability to buy and sell NFT from your favorite Game Artists, Designers, Developers, and Game Companies
  • Community Mining to earn ULTI Tokens.

Product Development

As we mentioned earlier, in this project we are primarily responsible for creating a core, decentralized platform that underpins the technology that drives the NFT marketplace and the Proof-of-Gaming concept. In that order, we used the Blockchain system from Binance Smart Chain and its BEP20 token standard, because it’s built with a dual chain architecture, which makes it possible for users to enjoy the flexibility of transferring assets from one Blockchain to another. Moreover, Binance Smart Chain has lower transaction fees than the Ethereum network.

Main features

UltiArena exemplifies a modern, disruptive wave of “Crypto-Blockchain NFT games” – which as we know it today took the gaming industry by storm.

The whole ambitious project combines several trending features in 1 solution:

  • Token end presales Launchpad mechanism
  • Pancake Swap token launch
  • Staking & farming pools launch
  • NFT Marketplace v 1.0 launch
  • Play2Earn – a trend that leverage the Proof-of-Gaming mechanism (ability to earn Ulti tokens through play – like Axie Infinity)
  • Community P2P gaming arena for players
  • Blockchain NFT platform, the NFT marketplace for trading a variety of digital NFT assets
  • Collaboration tools for game players, artists, and developers (website and portfolio builder, 2D/3D graphics tools)
  • Community & discussion boards
  • Metaverse tools (Gamers will be able to create their own games)
  • Blockchain investment vehicle (gain token fees, predefined Ulti token burns limiting its supply).

Technological stack

The UltiArena project facilitates the most advanced and modern technologies like:

  • Blockchain (Solidity, EVM, Ethereum, BSC, Polygon)
  • Javascript, React, JS.Node.

Project status: MVP, production

Currently, Pragmatic Coders is developing features responsible for token generation, marketplace ecosystem (security of NFTs, distribution, etc.), minting, trading, and token staking.

At the time of writing this article (04.11.2021), ULTI Arena has already accomplished the following milestones:

  • PancakeSwap token launch
  • Staking & farming pools launch
  • NFT Marketplace v 1.0 launch
  • Onboarding of over 200 game-related artists
  • Prototype of the 1st game: Ultimate Battle Arena (UBA).

Product and key features

  • NFT Marketplace: Trade, swap NFTs designed, gained in the game or bought from the artists.
  • Play-2-Earn mechanism: Proof 0f Gaming – earn tokens while playing your favorite games.
  • Games launchpad: Allow game producers to raise funds and hire appropriate skills from the community.
  • Users’ portfolio: Artists, and designers have a space to place their portfolios.
  • Payments: Allow users to trade with cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.
  • Credits mechanism: Credits system with discount handling.
  • Tagging algorithm: Automatic tagging with Clarifai.
  • Duplicate identification: Identifying photo duplicates.
  • KYC: User KYC implementation.
UltiArena UI

Pragmatic Coder's know-how and creativity helped us to build a successful MVP in 3 months. Together with the PC Team, we have managed to launch token, tokenomics, marketplace and staking mechanism. It was a pleasure to work with somebody who understands the blockchain and has a strong business approach.

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