EXCC: Creating a new blockchain that is based on Proof of Work and Proof of Stake algorithms & preparation for DEX


Client name

Exchange Coin (EXCC)

Client's country of origin

Marshall Islands

Time to "Go Live"

12 months

Kick-off date

February 2018
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Exchange Coin (EXCC) is aiming to build a decentralized Cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) dedicated to semi-professional Cryptocurrency traders that allows multi-blockchain transactions seamlessly and securely. To achieve that we had to create a new Blockchain, based on Proof of Work mixed with Proof of Stake algorithms. 

Business challenge

EXCC founders, after the successful ICO, struggled with finding a reliable technological partner who could take care of advanced Blockchain technology development. Pragmatic Coders provided a dedicated cross-functional Product Team (including Blockchain Developers as well as Backend and Frontend Developers, Product Owner, and Scrum Master) that worked towards the goal set by the founders.

Creating a Blockchain that is secure, fast, reliable, and suitable for building a decentralized Cryptocurrency exchange is a challenge itself. But doing it under time pressure, with a roadmap that from day one is behind schedule, requires exceptional management skills, expertise, and extraordinary team effort. 

Business solution

We've quickly built a partner relationship with the client. Thanks to that, we were able to take full product ownership and the responsibility for product development success. That way, we were able to move fast, solve most of the problems locally and, as a result, deliver the reliable solution on time.

The team took complete ownership of the technical aspects of the product from backlog formulation up to the software delivery and technology selection. The core of the product is an innovative, built from the ground new Blockchain – EXCC – with Proof of Work and Proof of Stake consensus algorithm and the entire infrastructure required for it to operate.

We created a new Blockchain and the entire infrastructure around it including: 

  • Wallets
  • Mining Software
  • Mining and Staking Pools
  • Blockchain explorers.

Product and main features:

  • Proof of Work: Equihash (ASIC-resistant) algorithm that works with Proof of Stake consensus to make Blockchain utterly secure from day one, even in the absence of computing power used for mining.
  • Infrastructure: Setup of the entire blockchain-related infrastructure (blockchain explorer, staking pool, mining pool, miners, etc.).
  • Creation of a new full node wallet – web and desktop ready.
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Our recommendation

We used to work in a very fast and dynamic way, and made decisions quickly, based on data and research. We found out quickly that often software development teams aren’t so dynamic in the delivery of the agreed scope. We contacted and tested the cooperation with a couple of them. Finally, we found the perfect match – Pragmatic Coders.

Sylwester Szczepanek

CEO, Exchange Coin

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