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Dedicated software development team for your business

Our dedicated software development services are everything you need to grow.

Cloud & Web Application Development

Our dedicated software development team specializing in cloud & web application development will help you design and develop usable, reliable, and scalable web applications for your startup. 


Mobile Application Development

The best technology solutions at your fingertips! Our software developers will create modern mobile applications dedicated to your users' needs -everything according to contemporary standards. 

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Artificial Intelligence Software Development

Face detection, intent recognition, or predictive analytics - it's just a fraction of what you can do with AI. Use machine learning algorithms - gain a competitive advantage over others in your industry.
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Infrastructure (DevOps & SRE) Services

Scalability and reliability have to be assured by proper software infrastructure. Our cloud infrastructure services (AWS Cloud) cover design, architecture, implementation, and maintenance with 24/7 support. 

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How do our dedicated development teams work?

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Understand your product

We train our software developers to be business-oriented, not just technology-focused. During our demanding recruitment process, aside from technical excellence, we focus on their mindset and culture fit. That results in a better outcome since they do more than write code.  

Deliver fast and often

We use Continuous Delivery practices, so you will get your product ready to test at an early stage of our cooperation. Next, according to your business needs, we will gradually add new features and release them as soon as they are ready.

Excellent product management

Every dedicated software development team is managed by one of our experienced Product Owners. In Poland, we are well known for being a product-oriented company that gathers the most competent Product Owners from the market.

Choose the right technology

Our dedicated software development team will use their experience to help you choose the most feasible technologies for your product. Experience gathered since 2014 enables us to select the best options and avoid costly mistakes. Trust our engineering team and build your product in the right way. 

Work in Scrum

Have you heard about the Scrum framework? This is a lightweight Agile software development method, that our teams are excellent at. Scrum is the perfect fit for fast-paced startup product development where the scope often changes.

Technical excellence and craftsmanship

Technical excellence and software craftsmanship is the foundation of the business value and the outcome our software development teams generate each day. Find your dream team here! 

It’s truly been a partnership. Pragmatic Coders have an in-depth understanding of our client base and what services we provide, anticipating needs and addressing them by adding new features into our system. Their team makes sure that there is a shared understanding so that what they deliver meets my organization's and our clients’ expectations. 


Cindy Salas

CEO, WithHealth


Why is it worth choosing us as your software development vendor?

Partners, not services providers

Partners, not services providers

We don’t need your shares. We build strong relationships with our clients and treat your business as our own.

All competences for startup

All competencies for startup

We don’t write code just to prove that our developers are the best in the world. We write it to make your product useful, efficient, and secure.


Go live with your product in less than three months

Our goal is to deliver tested and high-quality products to the market as soon as possible.

We help your business scale

We help your business scale

We provide multidisciplinary teams experienced in pragmatic product development for growing companies that want to scale.

Why should you work with our dedicated development team?

What is a dedicated software development team?

A dedicated software development team is a group of professionals, usually between 3 and 10 people, that you can hire to work on your product full-time. This type of cooperation is based on a long-term engagement – from several months to even years. Pragmatic Coders has been providing dedicated software development teams services since 2014. We have experience in managing teams for various projects, from simple websites to complex enterprise applications.

Experienced Product Owners manage our teams, so a professional manager will continuously optimize your product development cost. In addition, we always aim for long-term cooperation with our clients, so why do we care about your budget and your success?

What are the benefits of working with a dedicated development team from Pragmatic Coders?

There are many benefits to working with a dedicated team instead of with an agency or freelancers.

When you work with a dedicated team, you can be sure that the people working on your project are fully committed to it and will be available when you need them. This type of team is also very efficient because they are already familiar with your project, goals, and company culture.

Wide range of skills and experience

Our dedicated software development teams have a wide range of skills and experience so that we can take on a variety of projects. In addition, we are a software vendor with more than 100 software experts on board. Therefore, we can compose a dedicated software development team to fit your need.

We also have a lot of experience working with startups, so we know how to manage scope changes and deadlines.

We have many years of experience using the Scrum methodology for software development. This excellent Scrum knowledge means that our teams are exceptional at working in a fast-paced, Agile environment.

Technical excellence and craftsmanship

Our developers are passionate about their work, and they take pride in delivering high-quality code. But software craftsmanship is not only about coding but also about the business value that our dedicated development team provides each day.

Our dedicated development team is always maximizing the value

We continuously train our software developers about maximizing business value and focusing on business goals, not just technical excellence. That combination of high technical skills and business knowledge results in better outcomes.

Faster time-to-market

Our dedicated teams understand the value of collecting feedback as quickly as possible. That minimizes the waste and the risk of working on something that nobody will ever use.

Incremental development

Stop starting, start finishing - our dedicated software team will deliver one feature at a time, so your product will be production-ready at every stage of software development.

Extreme scope optimization

An efficient development process is one thing, but working efficiently on something that dedicated software developers should not work on at all (because it is unnecessary or has a negligible impact) is still a waste. Therefore, our Product Owner will be continuously working on the scope optimization, so our dedicated development team will generate maximum value for the price you will pay.

A dedicated team that is business-oriented

You will be working with business-oriented software developers and project managers. We are here not to deliver the scope but to deliver value. If you are looking just for software engineers to extend your team, software engineers who will only code what you tell them to code, you are in the wrong place, and a dedicated team model is most probably not for you.

Less is more

We proved that a small, well-managed cross-functional dedicated development team could often be more effective in software development than a large IT department. Our experience covers products such as large-scale retail platforms, challenger banks, med-tech solutions, and more - each built by a small 4-9 people team managed by an experienced Product Owner.

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