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Need help with getting your project off the ground? We got you covered. Find out how we can help you develop a successful business strategy!

Product Management Consulting

Hire the most experienced startup Product Managers on the market. Let us lead your product development in the most efficient way possible. 

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Startup Fundraising Consulting

Every startup business owner needs to choose the right fundraising strategy. Our Business Startup Consultant will help you to approach potential investors properly.

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Product Discovery Workshop

Every new business idea has to be structured in a way that will be easy to communicate. Discover the best go-to-market strategy and learn about potential budget estimation.

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Business Strategy Consulting

Find the best way to shape your startup's strategy. Market research, business plan review, and choosing the right monetization model for your product. 

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Why choose Business Consulting Services with Pragmatic Coders?

At our company, we take a different approach than most. We don’t just want to be your service providers but partners in the growth of your business. We know that results matter. We take ownership and responsibility for our work because we want to see you succeed. Your success equals our success so we want to see you develop a business that will thrive for years.

Receive help at every stage of the process

Inspect your idea, establish your business strategy and overcome the challenges that your startup is facing. By leveraging the knowledge of experts who have hands-on experience you increase your chances of building a successful product. 

Learn how to obtain funding

With our Business Consulting services, you will get a better understanding of the fundraising process and take the right steps to receive funding for your startup.

Discover your startup's potential

Make smart business decisions based on proper market research and competition analysis. Receive advice on the right approach or let us do the work for you.

Choose the right business model

Ensure that the product you’re building has a clear purpose and will be profitable in the long run by identifying the best business model with the guidance of our skilled experts.

Select the right technology

Choosing the right technology leads to a faster time to market, reduced costs, and the development of a scalable product. Reap all of those benefits with the help of our specialists.

Develop a clear business strategy

With a high-level plan, you can achieve your business goals and improve your performance. Receive feedback from our experts to build a bulletproof strategy for your business.

Validate your product idea

Mitigate business risks and gain confidence in your product by validating your ideas. Our business consultants will help you choose the most cost-effective ways of idea validation.

You bring your idea. We make it happen!

Determine the right product-market fit by confronting your startup idea and figuring out what’s worth pursuing.  Draw on the experience of our specialists to avoid common mistakes and to develop your strategy for a successful product launch. We always aim to deliver tested and high-quality products and we’ve kept that promise working with over 60 startups. Let us work together for your success!


Grow your business with Pragmatic Coders

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How does it work?

Our business consultants will become your experienced partners and help you run your business. We can provide assistance in building a compelling pitch deck, choosing effective marketing strategies, product management, and more! So what does the process look like?


Get a free consulting session

By completing the contact form provided at the bottom of this page, you can get a free startup consultation session. During this session, you will receive tips and advice from one of our experienced startup consultants. You can expect guidance in various aspects of your business - from marketing campaigns, accounting and operations to legal formation assistance.


Set the pace as you go

After you get a feel of what our consulting services can offer you can continue to leverage the experience of our specialists in any area of your startup business. We know what it takes to run a business and we understand the need for flexibility. In order to accommodate your schedule and preferences, we provide our services whenever you need them most and charge based on an hourly rate.

When a client comes to us and says: “I have a project, but I need funding” our response is: “Great, show us your presentation for the investors”. Supporting our clients by helping them create a pitch deck is just one aspect of our services. Additionally, we can help our clients get in touch with investors and assist them during the investor meeting. Shortly speaking, we help our clients receive funding.



Business Consultant at Pragmatic Coders


What outcomes can you expect?

Our business consulting services are not just about giving advice. You can receive valuable assets that will help you take actionable steps forward. All of our clients are different and have unique needs. However, no matter what stage you’re at you can always expect to walk away with useful information that will help shape and grow your business. Together we can work on optimizing the crucial aspects of your business to ensure the flawless execution of your strategy.

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A comprehensive UX research plan

A well-prepared UX research plan will serve as a reference point for your team. With it, you will be able to set realistic expectations, address your business needs, and communicate the most important information with your stakeholders. A good UX research strategy will help you learn about your potential clients and build the right product.

A convincing pitch deck

Prepare a pitch deck that will impress your investors and get you on the right track to raise the capital you need. In addition to helping you prepare your pitch deck, we can be present during your meeting with investors. Having an experienced specialist back your idea up will surely impress your potential investor and increase the chance of sparking their interest in your concept.

A well-defined business plan

Develop a business plan structured in a way that is easy to communicate and brings clarity to the decision-making process. With a good plan, you will be able to present your business clearly and concisely, making it more appealing to potential investors or business partners. It will allow you to focus on the necessary steps, map out your business goals and create an effective strategy for growth. 

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