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Over the last decade, we've helped our clients ship 80+ products for 175,000 users with over 5,000 features and more than $160 million in revenue.

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Meet our management & consulting team

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Marcin Marcin Co-CEO / Co-founder
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  • #ProductDevelopment
  • #Games🎮
Wiktor Wiktor Co-CEO / Co-founder
  • #Scrum
  • #BusinessStrategy
  • #witcherfan⚔️
Marcin Marcin Service Delivery Manager
  • #Java
  • #ContiniousDelivery
  • #SalsaDancer🎹
Wojciech Wojciech Senior Business Consultant
  • #teamwork
  • #businessstretegy
  • #investment📈
Jakub Jakub Agile Delivery Lead
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  • #productdevelopment
  • #music🎶
Martyna Martyna Finance Specialist
  • #teamwork
  • #financestrategy
  • #DIYjewelery🎨
Anna Anna HR & Recruitment Manager
  • #People
  • #recruitment
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Maciej Maciej Service Delivery Manager
  • #Management
  • #Problemsolver
  • #WD40💪
Dariusz Dariusz Product Manager
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  • #scrum
  • #productdevelopment
  • #photography📸
Michał Michał Product Manager
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  • #scrum
  • #startupdevelopment
  • #tablefootball⚽
Krzysztof Krzysztof Product Manager
  • #agile

  • #scrum
  • #productdevelopment
  • #squash💢
Łukasz Łukasz Product Manager
  • #agile

  • #scrum
  • #teamwork
  • #travel✈️
Kamil Kamil DevOps Tech Lead
  • #aws

  • #security
  • #teamwork
  • #chocolatelover🍫
Kasia Kasia UX Lead
  • #uxdesign

  • #uxresearch
  • #dancer💃
Dominik Dominik Software Tech Lead
  • #nodejs

  • #music🎵
  • #programming
Sławek Sławek Mobile Lead
  • #security

  • #scrum
  • #productdevelopment
  • #motorcycle🏍️
Sławek Sławek Blockchain Lead
  • Blockchain
  • Python
  • Trekking🗻
Mateusz Mateusz Node.js Lead
  • webdevelopment
  • architecture
  • simracing🏎️
Karol Karol React Lead
  • webdevelopment
  • productdevelopment
  • movies🍿

We believe in teamwork

Non-utilized talent is one of the Lean wastes. We hire well-skilled specialists with experience and knowledge to help you build the best products. We arm them with battle-tested processes and support them with excellent product management. Thanks to that, they achieve the most remarkable effects.

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What our clients say about working with us

I'm impressed by how flexible Pragmatic Coders is (...). Culturally, they're a really good fit for us, and the team is very responsive to feedback. Whenever I ask them to do something, they look at it, and they're not scared to push back. I've found it very easy to work with them — we have more of a partnership than a client-supplier relationship.

Simon Dawson
Simon Dawson Head of Engineering, Atom Bank

Pragmatic Coders pay attention to detail and understand the business domain correctly. They led us to a successful launch of our product this year. We’re happy with the effects of their work. Our team is still using the platform and building on top of it.

Martin Welner
Martin Welner Technical Director, Kitopi

The entire focus was on the product and the customer, and I loved it. (...) The team was turning up with solutions to problems I didn't know we had.

Tony Kelly
Tony Kelly Core Team Member, Common Wealth

It’s truly been a partnership. They have an in-depth understanding of our client base and what services we provide, anticipating evolving needs and addressing them by adding new features into our system. Their team also makes sure that there is a shared understanding so that what they deliver meets my organization's and our clients’ expectations. 

Cindy Salas
Cindy Salas CEO, WithHealth

(...) Pragmatic has highly skilled engineers available immediately but most importantly, passionate people who love what they do and learn new things very quickly. I recommend Pragmatic Coders to anyone who requires expert software development no matter the stage of their business.

Pawel Oltuszyk
Pawel Oltuszyk CEO, Frost

They responded to our queries almost immediately, and they were consistently polite and professional in their interactions. If there was something even more impressive than their communication, it was definitely their transparency. We were well informed about every aspect of their work, including what they did, why they did it, and how long it was going to take (...).

Ghassan Talhouk CEO, Socienta

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