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About KodyPay

KodyPay was founded in 2018 by a small group of final-year high school students in the UK. 22-year-old Co-founders Yoyo Chang (CEO) and Jack Howell (CDO) have raised US$6m at KodyPay.

KodyPay is a point of sale (POS) solution that uses an app-based technology platform to simplify the payment process. It replaces the traditional point of sale hardware, enabling businesses to carry out all the necessary actions to complete a standard retail transaction using an app-based technology platform. It’s fast, simple and secure – perfect for businesses who want to streamline their payment process. If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to take payments, KodyPay is the perfect solution for you.

Today, KodyPay’s platform is growing to connect thousands of customers with venues across the UK daily.

Business Challenge

Today, paying in person can be difficult for businesses. KodyPay is on a mission to make it easy. KodyPay fully integrates the payment ecosystem so businesses can offer their customers more control over their payment choices. This makes transactions both quicker and more convenient for everyone involved.

KodyPay was looking to improve its development process by adding experienced developers to its existing team. The company decided to integrate the new developers with the local team in Berkshire, England. Thanks to Pragmatic Coders, KodyPay was able to improve its development process and add experienced developers to its team. 

Problems that KodyPay faced

  • Shortage of skilful developers in the UK pool and high salary requirements in the IT sector in the UK
  • The shortage of local developers experienced in FinTech in Berkshire, England
  • Highly regulated financial market

Business solution

After several meetings, we concluded that the solution would be to scale the existing software development team by hiring developers in Poland. Both parties agreed that additional team members would be added after some development progresses.

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