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Looking to expand your operations? We’ll kickstart your own IT, R&D, or Software Hub in Poland.

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Our BOT outsourcing expertise in numbers

At Pragmatic Coders, we have a strong track record of setting up, maintaining, and transferring tech centers. These numbers speak for themselves:


  • devs already hired for clients
  • we can hire 15+ specialists monthly


  • devs hired in our biggest coop
  • 2 months before the deadline


  • to 9 months from start to full ownership transfer, size-dependant

Why outsource your product development to Poland?

Because Poland is a leader in tech outsourcing in Central Europe, our main advantages include:

800,000 developers on the market

Poland has around 800,000 developers, and we'll help you tap into the experience of the most seasoned among them

Excellent business infrastructure

Our modern facilities and effective communication networks will ensure smooth operations and high productivity (for your remote team)

EU/US working standards

In Poland, your remote team’s fair employment, workplace safety, and health protection are assured

Unmatched speed of delivery

We’re known for the rapid and efficient development of high-quality digital products

Top IT hubs in Poland

With the help of Pragmatic Coders, opening your local software development center in Poland is made very simple.
You have the choice of several academic cities boasting modern business infrastructure.


Kraków - 120,000 Devs


Poland’s second largest city and its biggest international IT Hub.


Warsaw  115,000 Devs


The capital of Poland and its main IT academic center.

Wrocław - 80,000 Devs


A popular outsourcing destination with a vast tech talent pool. 

Łódź - 60,000 Devs


Developing IT Hub with high employment rate growth dynamics. 

Katowice - 60,000 Devs

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Home to over 180 IT businesses of varying sizes. 

Poznań - 60,000 Devs


Tech center known for its popularity among western businesses.

How does the BOT model work?

The Build Operate Transfer model involves the following stages:

Build Phase

We carry out a recruiting campaign in your brand's name, doing it justice and building your market presence. Our aim is to attract the best talent to your future IT Hub.

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Operate Phase

We handle everything for you, taking care of the onboarding process, employee well-being, and team-building activities. Our role is to ensure that you can scale with ease.

Transfer Phase

At your request, we transfer the ownership of the Hub to you, making you the sole owner. From this point on, we will play the support role in your future scaling efforts.

Our BOT-model outsourcing gives you an advantage!

Leverage the BOT engagement model to create a new IT hub in Poland in collaboration with us. We'll handle all operations until you take full ownership. Our established facilities and management ensure a cost-effective and swift start to your operations.

Streamlined onboarding

The new team bonds with your company right from the start. We act as the intermediary for the agreed period, ensuring that every candidate is fully aware of your brand, company values, and standards.

Industry experience

We're not only specialized in kickstarting IT hubs for international companies; we also have dozens of successful digital products under our belt. We'll know exactly how to pilot your new tech center.

Short time to market

Depending on its size, your new IT Hub will be fully operational within six to nine months. We will do everything in our power to hire the first candidates during the initial month of our cooperation.

Top tier recruitment

Our recruiters are among the best in the market. We will leverage their decade of experience to build you a dream team of specialists. Expect 15+ hires per month!

Full transparency

We openly share candidates' salary expectations, the costs of operations, and our profit margin with you. This enables us to build a partnership based on transparency and trust.

Long-term support

Our partnership offer extends beyond the ownership transfer. We'll gladly help you establish a legal entity, build your own local management structure, and continue to grow