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We build high-quality, secure, and compliant digital products.
Discuss, design, develop, and deliver your app with us.

Dedicated Software Development Team for your business

We have experience in managing Dedicated Teams for various projects, from simple websites to complex enterprise applications, from COVID-19 patient portals to UK’s digital banks.

End-to-end software development, supported by excellent product management.

Web & Cloud Application Development
Web & Cloud Application Development

The future is in the cloud. Build successful products accessible from anywhere in the world.

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Top Blockchain Development Services
Top Blockchain Development Services

Pragmatic Coders is one of the world's leading blockchain software development companies. Since the beginning, we have gathered experience creating more than 25 successful blockchain projects.

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No-code Development
No-code Development

We are a software development company that specializes in custom software development for startups in various industries.Let's talk about your ideas for the custom software solution we can build together

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AI Development
AI Development

We create scalable & reliable AI solutions for new and established businesses. Gain a competitive edge with next-level AI software.

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Mobile Application Development
Mobile Application Development

Native Android & iOS Applications. Cross-platform solutions (Flutter, ReactNative) and PWA.

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DevOps Services
DevOps Services

Infrastructure as a code & Serverless in AWS cloud ecosystem.

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Pick the best tech stack for your digital product with help from industry experts. We specialize in ReactJs, NodeJs, Java, .NET, iOS, and Android.

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Product Design & Strategy

Unlock the full potential of user experience.

Every $1 invested in UX results in a return of $100 (ROI = 9,900%). 94% of a website’s first impressions are due to its design.

Our UX specialists will help you uncover valuable insights about your potential customers, understand their needs and goals, prepare a prototype of your solution, and test it and make it visually impressive.

All to increase your app’s conversion rate.

UX Design
UX Design

Build only those features of your product that the users really want. Save time and money by limiting your product scope not by cutting the quality.

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UX Research
UX Research

Learn more about your users, clients, competitors and market. Build solutions for problems that people would like to pay for to be solved.

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Visual Design
Visual Design

Stunning UI design drives user engagement. We'll help you leverage the power of attractiveness bias.

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Business Consulting

Do you need to optimize product performance and customer satisfaction?

Gain tailored strategies for rapid growth?

Secure the capital for expansion?

Or maybe you need to structure your product idea, learn about potential cost estimates, and go to market strategy?

Talk to our experts in startup development and save months or even years that you would spend on trial and failure alone.

Product Discovery Workshops
Product Discovery Workshops

Structure your product idea. Learn about possible solutions and go-to-market strategies. Build initial product roadmap and backlog, and learn about potential costs.

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Product Management Consulting
Product Management Consulting

"5+1 = 3" our excellent Product Owners will help you cut product development costs even by more than 50%.

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Fundraising Consulting
Fundraising Consulting

Do not have a budget yet? Try our structured startup fundraising mentoring process. Become one of the successful startups and raise initial capital to start product development

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IT outsourcing

Nearshore and offshore software development centers for companies in Europe, the USA, and the Arabian Peninsula.

Need assistance with full product development, a dedicated software team, or support in setting up your IT department in Poland?

We’ve got you covered.

Nearshore Outsourcing
Nearshore Outsourcing

We've successfully helped UK fintech companies establish their teams quickly.

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Offshore Outsourcing
Offshore Outsourcing

Benefit from our extensive expertise in assisting numerous companies in setting up teams within weeks.

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Build Operate Transfer IT Outsourcing Services
Build Operate Transfer IT Outsourcing Services

We’ll kickstart your own IT, R&D, or Software Hub in Poland. We've already hired 400 developers for our clients.

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Our key focus



We design and build financial solutions that are secure and regulations-compliant. We have delivered mobile banks, trading platforms, cryptocurrency exchanges, and many more.

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Digital health

Digital health

We specialize in creating healthtech solutions that adhere to the highest industry standards. Our portfolio contains healthcare management systems, patient portals, personal health record software, and more.

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Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

84% of global businesses see the use of AI as being “essential” to competitiveness, and so do we. Our teams have worked on a number of AI projects, especially in the fields of AI automation and Computer Vision.

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This is how we work



  • Budget Consulting
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Product Discovery Workshop

Discover & Define

  • UX Research
  • Product Roadmap
  • UX Design
  • UI Design

Deliver & Scale

  • Product Development
  • DevOps Architecture
  • Continuous User Feedback & Delivery


  • Recruit your own team with our help

Some of our Case Studies

  • Banking
  • Fintech
  • Digital Health
  • Foodtech
  • E-commerce
  • Social media
  • Blockchain

What our clients say about working with us

I'm impressed by how flexible Pragmatic Coders is (...). Culturally, they're a really good fit for us, and the team is very responsive to feedback. Whenever I ask them to do something, they look at it, and they're not scared to push back. I've found it very easy to work with them — we have more of a partnership than a client-supplier relationship.

Simon Dawson
Simon Dawson Head of Engineering, Atom Bank

Pragmatic Coders pay attention to detail and understand the business domain correctly. They led us to a successful launch of our product this year. We’re happy with the effects of their work. Our team is still using the platform and building on top of it.

Martin Welner
Martin Welner Technical Director, Kitopi

The entire focus was on the product and the customer, and I loved it. (...) The team was turning up with solutions to problems I didn't know we had.

Tony Kelly
Tony Kelly Core Team Member, Common Wealth

It’s truly been a partnership. They have an in-depth understanding of our client base and what services we provide, anticipating evolving needs and addressing them by adding new features into our system. Their team also makes sure that there is a shared understanding so that what they deliver meets my organization's and our clients’ expectations. 

Cindy Salas
Cindy Salas CEO, WithHealth

(...) Pragmatic has highly skilled engineers available immediately but most importantly, passionate people who love what they do and learn new things very quickly. I recommend Pragmatic Coders to anyone who requires expert software development no matter the stage of their business.

Pawel Oltuszyk
Pawel Oltuszyk CEO, Frost

They responded to our queries almost immediately, and they were consistently polite and professional in their interactions. If there was something even more impressive than their communication, it was definitely their transparency. We were well informed about every aspect of their work, including what they did, why they did it, and how long it was going to take (...).

Ghassan Talhouk CEO, Socienta
Pragmatic software developer

Why is it worth working with us?

Partners, not services providers

We don’t need your shares. We build relationships with our clients and treat your business as our own.

Developing code with purpose

We don’t write code just to prove that our developers are the best in the world. We write it to make your product useful, efficient and secure.

Go live with your product in less than three months

Our goal is to deliver tested, high-quality products to the market as soon as possible.

We help your business scale

We provide multidisciplinary teams experienced in pragmatic product development for growing companies that want to scale.

Why Pragmatic Coders?

Here’s the essence of Pragmatic Coders.

We build products fast without sacrificing quality

We founded Pragmatic Coders in 2014 to prove that software products, especially innovative ones, can be built way more effectively than they usually are.

Agile background

Before Pragmatic Coders, we spent a few years as Agile consultants and trainers. We have seen this enormous ineffectiveness in other IT companies and had a chance to help them improve their processes and products. That motivated us to start a company that will become the first-choice product development partner for business founders. And here we are.

Time & quality

We aim to find the shortest and most efficient way to go live with your product. We teach our people how to build products as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible without sacrificing quality and usability. We understand that time-to-market is one of the most significant constraints for innovators, and we work with you to use it wisely. 

At the same time, we ensure the code we create is of the highest quality. At Pragmatic Coders, our developers provide ongoing testing and quality checks. This reduces costs, minimizes bugs, and allows real-time code quality monitoring. We subject our code to up to four rounds of testing before final approval.

Over 9 years of experience and industry knowledge

With over 9 years of experience and industry expertise since 2014, we’ve successfully delivered more than 80 products spanning various sectors, including finance, healthcare, e-commerce, food-tech, prop-tech, and entertainment. 

We specialize in crafting secure and regulation-compliant applications and platforms, focusing strongly on fintech (particularly in banking) and digital health industries. 

Our portfolio showcases a wide range of solutions, such as mobile banks, trading platforms, cryptocurrency exchanges, healthcare management systems, patient portals, personal health record software, and more. 

Over the years, we’ve keenly observed evolving tech trends, changing regulations, and groundbreaking innovations. Now, we leverage this wealth of knowledge to provide our clients with meticulously crafted products that will stand the test of time.

We create products people want based on user feedback

It’s essential to go to the market fast with your product because you want to get feedback from potential users. You can use user feedback to make changes in your product that will appeal to users and help you achieve your business goals. Gathering feedback quickly also enables you to learn about potential problems with your product early on before spending a lot of money on software development. This early feedback lets you fix any issues before they become huge problems.

You also want to ensure you are learning as much as possible from your users to continue improving your product. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on development and realize that your product differs from what users want and can’t make any revenue from it.

Develop only the products your market really wants

That’s our way of doing things; we aim to build the product your market needs. We keep our eyes open to user feedback since it is one of the essential parts of our work, which helps us build the right product for you and your clients/users. Therefore, we are focused on validating product hypotheses fast, creating the minimum viable product (MVP) as quickly as possible, and getting feedback for your product even quicker.

Partner relationship & end-to-end services in one place

Consulting, design, development, and outsourcing in one place

Our team can help you at every stage of your product journey – from business consulting, product design, product development (front-end, back-end, mobile & infrastructure), and management to scaling up and even building your IT department and hiring your team in Poland.

Your product will be built end-to-end in one place. This way, you will avoid many risks caused by handovers.

Working with one partner is always better than working with several. You will avoid problems with communication, misaligned priorities, and different approaches. And since we have experience from over 80 projects, we can share our lessons on the product development process.

Partner relationship

You will also have a chance to build a stronger relationship with people who work on your product. That will increase their motivation to work for you and increase productivity and efficiency.

Doing business with someone you know is always better than with strangers. It’s much easier to have an open discussion about anything you want. Trust comes naturally; your software partner understands your needs better than casual employees from regular software outsourcing providers.

And finally, we love it when our clients become successful – so we go above and beyond to ensure that it happens because we share your vision.

Transparency & trust. You will always know what is going on with your product

We use the Scrum framework to assure maximum transparency and traceability of the development process. We won’t try to charm you with “dev-fairy” stories or buzzwords. You will get a working increment of your product for review even a couple of times a week, so you will be able to validate the progress of your product development through inspection of the actual product itself, not only status reports and Gant charts.

We have the courage to show and discuss with you all the challenges we will encounter. During our journey, we could come across many of them. Still, you will always get enough information to make the best business decision.

You will be more than just a number among many clients. For us, every client is different and deserves individual attention at the highest level of expertise and professionalism.


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