OnLive: Redefining product strategy and shape for the disruptive, decentralized video-streaming platform


Client name


Client's country of origin

United Kingdom

Time to "Go Live"

5 months

Kick-off date

October 2017
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On.Live is a decentralized and democratized video-streaming platform based on the Ethereum blockchain that is a marketplace for paid advice and live broadcasts and computing power.

Business challenge

The main challenge in this project was to determine whether the business concept is valid and technically achievable. The client needed to define the scope and main features of the streaming platform in the experimental environment (blockchain).

Business solution

We started in early October 2017 from a brainstorming workshop where together with the project’s founders we shaped the current product design.

We conducted a workshop where together with the project’s founders we shaped the current product design. The conclusions from the workshops were the basis for creating a whitepaper and building an MVP. The workshop was a starting point that proved the idea of video streaming decentralization to be valid. Based on our workshop outcome the first version of the product white paper has been created and the MVP has been built.

Nest we've moved to assure the security of ICO Smart Contracts and the entire ICO environment setup.


Product and main features:

  • Designing and testing Game Theory behind decentralized video-streaming and computing power marketplace.
  • Assuring the security of ICO Smart Contracts and entire ICO environment setup.
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