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Discover seamless fintech solutions through our expert financial software development services.

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Financial services software development

During the last few years, we have delivered a number of challenger and mobile banks, trading platforms, cryptocurrency exchanges, secondary shares trading platforms, and many more.

We are fintech specialists, and we use our expertise to deliver fast and effective solutions to our clients.

Let's build your financial software application together.



Trading software development

Craft intuitive trading platforms for diverse financial assets, providing seamless transactions and real-time analytics to enhance trading experiences.

Blockchain App Development

We offer core blockchain development, smart contracts, NFTs, tokenomics, and cryptocurrency exchange solutions for innovative and secure blockchain applications.

Banking Software Development

Modernize banking services through mobile apps and blockchain integration. Improve customer experiences while maintaining security.

Insurance Software Development

Tailored insurance software solutions, optimizing underwriting, claims processing, policy management, and risk assessment.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development

Lead in the realm of digital assets with secure, scalable, and user-centric cryptocurrency exchange platforms, ensuring liquidity, performance, and regulatory adherence.

Custom Financial Software Development

AI, no-code, low-code - we create custom financial software solutions that match the needs of both fintech startups and well-established financial institutions. 

Fintech app development services

Explore a world of financial innovation with our expertise in fintech app development. Our team can craft cutting-edge solutions for a variety of financial needs, including banking, investment, payments, and more.
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Mobile banking

Develop challenger banks and mobile banking solutions that redefine convenience, making managing finances effortless.
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Payment processors

Establish payment processors to seamlessly handle online transactions and ensure a smooth flow of payment operations.
We are team-players

P2P lending platforms

Create a robust and accessible lending ecosystem. Connect borrowers and lenders seamlessly through our P2P lending platform.

Investment platforms

Construct investment platforms that empower users to achieve their financial goals with intelligent portfolio management.

Digital wallet development

Drive the future of digital payments. Provide users with secure and convenient financial transactions at their fingertips.

Fraud detection software

Develop custom fraud detection software that safeguards businesses from fraudulent activities.

Payment gateways

Payment gateways that seamlessly integrate into websites or apps, delivering customers a smooth and secure checkout experience.

Financial data visualization tools

Build visualization tools and transform complex financial data information into actionable insights.
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Regtech solutions

Architect regtech solutions to automate compliance and help businesses adapt to changing regulations.
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Fintech AI solutions

Engineer AI fintech solutions for predictive analytics and deliver personalized financial recommendations.

Bloc-X: A new way to trade commodities

Bloc-X is an OTC trading platform for Oil Blocs Future markets. Independent, fully compliant and regulated platform that connects ICE, NYMEX and SGX.

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Atom Bank: Establishing an entirely new, remote team for the UK’s first fully digital bank

Atom Bank was looking for a solution that could increase their ability to deliver business changes fast. We've provided experienced, high-quality programmers to complement the existing UK team and add engineering capacity.

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Why is it worth using our fintech software development services

Partners in Fintech Software Development

Over 9 years of developing financial software solutions

We are a fintech development company with over 9 years of financial product development experience. Call us if you are looking for financial application development. 

Experience in web and mobile fintech solutions

Experience in web & mobile fintech solutions

Our wide experience covers UX services, UI design, excellent product management, and web and mobile financial software development for the financial industry.

We help your business scale

We will help you scale your business

Whether you want to build mobile banking software, a wealth management platform, trading solutions, or payment processors, we are here to help you grow your business.


Services for fintech companies of all sizes

We provide fintech development services for companies of all sizes. We can help you achieve your goals no matter if you are a fintech start-up or a financial institution looking for digital transformation.

All competences needed to build you financial software

Trusted financial software solutions

Our software developers know how to deal with financial regulations, secure your product, and build it according to the highest quality standards.

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Multiple programming languages and frameworks

Our fintech technology team supports multiple programming languages and frameworks - so you get the fintech solution that best suits your needs.

FinTech software development FAQ

Here's a bit more information about our experience building fintech apps.
If you have any more doubts regarding fintech app development, don't hesitate to contact us.

What's your experience with challenger banks?

Modern banking is rapidly evolving. Our dedicated Banking Software Development services will allow you to surpass the market and become the next challenger bank. Our experience covers:

  • Mobile banking
  • Core banking
  • Blockchain - banking integrations

Here's an example of a challenger bank project we worked on:

Challenger BankCreating a full product strategy and roadmap for a new Cryptocurrency-fiat banking application

What's your trading software development experience?

Trading platforms are online tools or apps that allow users to buy and sell financial instruments like stocks, bonds, or cryptocurrencies in financial markets.

Trading commodities, stocks, shares, cryptocurrencies, and derivatives often require dedicated platforms that meet users' needs. Our experience covers:

  • Commodity trading platforms
  • Primary and secondary shares trading marketplaces
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Derivatives trading software

BLOC-X: OTC commodity trading platform. From design, through MVP, to the full-scale trading solution

What types of investment platforms can you build?

Investment platforms are online platforms that enable individuals to invest in various assets, such as stocks, mutual funds, or real estate, often providing portfolio management and financial planning services.

Investment portfolio management companies often need custom solutions that allow them to better serve their customers and manage their funds. What we can do for you:

  • Investment portfolio management solutions
  • Automatic ETF trading software and exchange integrations

Choose a trusted fintech outsourcing company

Need to outsource fintech developers? We've assisted numerous small, medium, and large enterprises in overcoming challenges when establishing successful remote fintech software development teams or entire IT hubs in Poland.


KodyPay: Scaling a software development team for one of the best mobile payment startups

Back in 2022, KodyPay faced a shortage of skillful developers in the UK pool and high salary requirements in its sector.

Thanks to Poland's competitive developer rates & high expertise, we helped them scale their existing team in Berkshire and improved the development process.

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Client testimonials for our fintech app development services

I'm impressed by how flexible Pragmatic Coders is (...). Culturally, they're a really good fit for us, and the team is very responsive to feedback. Whenever I ask them to do something, they look at it, and they're not scared to push back. I've found it very easy to work with them — we have more of a partnership than a client-supplier relationship. 

Simon Dawson

Simon Dawson

Head of Engineering, Atom Bank

The entire focus was on the product and the customer, and I loved it. (...) The team was turning up with solutions to problems I didn't know we had.

tony kelly

Tony Kelly

Core Team Member, Common Wealth

(...) Pragmatic has highly skilled engineers available immediately but most importantly, passionate people who love what they do and learn new things very quickly. I recommend Pragmatic Coders to anyone who requires expert software development no matter the stage of their business.


Pawel Oltuszyk

CEO, Frost

It’s very notable that they were able to kind of challenge our views on how we should build trading software. (...) Also, the relationship that exists between their product owner and their development team is extremely good. If I were to start BLOC-X again, I would make the same choice in choosing Pragmatic Coders.


Andrew Toumazi


Pragmatic Coders - your fintech software development partner

Why fintech is the best industry to build a product in right now

According to Statista, 64% of the global population used at least one fintech app in 2019. The same source reports that global fintech investment is projected to reach $300 billion by 2025. 

Fintech is disrupting traditional financial services, creating new opportunities for startups to innovate and offer better products and services to consumers and businesses.

Fintech technology solutions do not need to be complex

Financial companies face a considerable challenge in providing software to their customers while enduring high time and budget constraints. Fintech products must be user-friendly, responsive, secure, and offer optimal performance at all times.

To deliver such software products to the market, financial companies must focus on their core business models. Their ability to source fintech software development from a trusted technology partner is vital in their quest for success.

Custom software to leverage your financial services

When it comes to fintech, custom software is the key to success. Financial institutions and their clients have different needs, and a "one size fits all" software solution won't do.

That's where Pragmatic Coders comes in. We are a financial software development company specializing in creating customized fintech software solutions for our clients.

Our team of experienced developers understands the challenges that fintech companies face. We have the skillset and resources to deliver top-quality financial software products on time and within budget.

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