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Our goal is to deliver maximum value with minimum budget in record time. We will help you create profitable apps, or make your existing product better. 

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Product Management Consulting Services

Our Product Management consulting services help companies achieve their business goals, be it through a 3-day workshop session or long-term commitment.

Choose the collaboration model that best suits your needs.

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Product Consulting

Product Discovery Workshop

Our Product Discovery Workshop will help you better understand your potential users and market, as well as shape your product idea and turn it into a releasable scope of work.

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Product Managers

Short- or long-time commitment

Regardless of whether you just need an interim Product Manager or a long-term product development consulting and support, our Product Managers are here to help you achieve your goals.  

Part or full time product consulting

Part- or full-time

You can adjust the collaboration format based on your needs. Work with a full-time Product Manager to take comprehensive care of your product or hire one part-time to focus on specific initiatives. 

Product tean

Product Team

Everyone can "deliver software," but not many can build successful products. A Product Team comprises a Product Manager, UX specialists, and developers—the ultimate option for those looking for end-to-end product development.

It’s very notable that they were able to kind of challenge our views on how we should build trading software. (...) Also, the relationship that exists between their product owner and their development team is extremely good. If I were to start BLOC-X again, I would make the same choice in choosing Pragmatic Coders.


Andrew Toumazi


withhealth case study

WithHealth: Releasing a patient portal in just 6 weeks in response to COVID-19 pandemic

WithHealth is a "back-to-work" healthcare solution that helps companies manage & monitor COVID-19 workplace status.

We took care of the entire product development lifecycle, including product design, product development with ongoing maintenance, and excellent product management.

With that, we launched a fully operational patient portal in less than two months.

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UltiArena: NFT Marketplace that revolutionizes the gaming industry

UltiArena is a game-changer NFT marketplace that allows gamers to earn tokens by playing and winning in their favourite games.

Our role was to create an initial product development team, managed by our experienced product manager, whose goals were to reduce the time to market and deliver a highly usable Web 3.0 platform to the fast-growing market. 

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Meet our Product Management team

Product Management


Agile Delivery Lead


Product Manager
Product Management


Product Manager
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Product Manager
Product Management


Product Manager
product development

See how we approach Product Management

Watch the videos below and meet three of our Product Managers - Jakub, Michał, and Dariusz. Get real-life project insights and learn more about how we work at Pragmatic Coders.


Video player- Kuba Dobosz
Video player-Scrum

Product consulting FAQ

Check how we define the basics of Product Management.

What are Product Managers?

Product Manager (depending on company and focus, also called: Product Owner, product consultant, product leader, Chief Product Officer, Director of Product) steers the vision, strategy, and development of a product, ensuring it meets user needs and business goals.

Software agencies with a strong product management focus usually have their own definitions. Here's ours:

A Product Manager's goal is to deliver maximum value with minimum budget in record time.

What do Product Managers do?

Product Managers play a critical role in making your product management strategy successful. They possess expert product management skills, which include:

  • defining the product vision and strategy,
  • creating a product roadmap, 
  • ensuring that the development team is aligned with the product goals,
  • overseeing the product development process,
  • making adjustments as needed to meet the key product business objectives.

Read this article to learn more about a Product Manager's role and responsibilities in our teams.

What is a Product Discovery Workshop?

A Product Discovery Workshop is when we work closely with you, our client, using our expertise from making over 80 digital products. Together, we figure out what needs to happen to make your product a success.

This collaborative product ideation session inclued UX specialists and developers, and is lead by a senior Product Manager. 

To learn more about what we do during workshops, what deliverables you'll get, and how much it costs, read this guide about our personalized product discovery sessions.

Pragmatic Coders pay attention to detail and understand the business domain correctly. They led us to a successful launch of our product this year. We’re happy with the effects of their work. Our team is still using the platform and building on top of it.

Marcin Welner

Martin Welner

Technical Director, Kitopi


Why is it worth choosing our Product Management Consulting Services?

Our goal is to deliver maximum value with minimum budget in record time.

We deliver VALUE

Our Product Managers aim to optimize the value delivered by product development teams so the budget you spend will be used in the most effective way. 


SENIOR Product Managers

Product Managers with years of experience working in product and tech across multiple industries: digital health, fintech, entertainment, and more.



Our long-term goal is to become the most productive software agency in the world. We focus on efficiency & pragmatism in all product aspects, including Product Management.



A Product Manager's job is never done. We're always on the lookout for new product opportunities and circumstances. We adapt quickly to solve emerging problems and create new opportunities.

What makes Pragmatic Coders different from other product management consultants?

We're a product development company with a strong, product-centered culture. Our team of Product Managers, UX/UI designers, and engineers have a deep understanding of the entire product development process and a sense of business value. We focus on delivering quality, user-centric, fit-for-purpose, profitable, and maintainable products. Our specialists will work with you to develop an effective strategy tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that all stages of the software development cycle are properly planned and executed.

Our Product Managers use our shared know-how from more than 80 products we built at Pragmatic Coders and hundreds more our team members have been building for other employers in the past.

Our product management methods combined into a battle-tested framework proved their value in various products you can read about in our case studies. This culture, combined with proven methods, makes our product management services exceptional.

Can I hire a consultant for a specific project, part-time or longer-term engagement?

Yes, of course. We offer various options for our clients depending on the scope and complexity of their projects. You can hire one of our product management experts to work part-time or full-time on your project, or you can opt for a longer-term engagement. Our team members are highly experienced professionals who will provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Can I do product management by myself?

Yes, you can do product management by yourself if you have the time and knowledge. However, it is recommended that you enlist the help of a professional product manager to ensure that all aspects of your product development process are taken into consideration.

Product management is the best area to optimize your cost when done right but is also a huge cost generator if it is done wrong or without enough attention. You may think about product management as a double-edged sword that can generate exponential returns but also cut deeply into your resources if mismanaged.

Can I hire a Pragmatic Coders Product Management Consultant to manage my own team?

Yes, you can. Our experienced consultants can provide guidance in managing your product team, helping them to become more efficient and effective. We have extensive experience in helping teams of different sizes and levels to streamline their product development process, understand customer needs, and optimize the user experience. We also can help you hire new talents if you need to grow your team.

Do you offer any discounts for long-term engagements?

Yes, we do. If you hire our entire software product development team managed by our Product Manager, you can get up to a 15% discount from the regular price. Ask below for more details.

What methods do Pragmatic Coders use to ensure the success of product implementation?

We use Scrum by the book, supported with contemporary Product Management tools and practices, followed by top-notch User Experience (UX) methods. Our user-centric approach starts with the vision of the product and then goes through a discovery process where we define your target audiences and their needs. Then, we create an initial product roadmap followed by initial design and development sprints.

In the meantime, our experienced product managers will... talk to your product's users! Yes, this is the best method of assuring your product's success, especially when it's done in a methodical, educated way.

We use analytics to track user behavior and feedback before and after product launch to measure success. We also monitor the progress of software development to assess the performance and make necessary adjustments when needed. Finally, we provide regular customer feedback surveys to measure user satisfaction and track product usage. This allows us to analyze, adjust, and fine-tune products over time to ensure success.

What kind of experience do your consultants have in the industry I'm looking to launch a product in?

We have experience in various industries (check the Industries section on our website). But industry-specific knowledge is usually much easier to learn than gaining authentic field experience in product management done right. Especially since you probably already have a bunch of domain experts on board (or you are one of them) who can quickly share that knowledge.

Aside from product management, our product management expert will help you with market analysis, the discovery of new market trends, user research, customer journey, competitive analysis, and product strategy.

How will I learn that your product manager adds value?

The most valuable way to measure our product manager's performance is through tangible results. You will see a clear benefit of having your product developed by our consultants. Some of the examples you should notice are:

  • Your product is released faster to the target market.
  • You have more customer feedback.
  • You get more user engagement and satisfaction.
  • The quality of your product is higher.
  • You save money and resources on the development.
  • Your product meets the market requirements better.
  • You have more confidence when launching a new product.
  • Your team morale is improved due to more focused work.

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