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Work with people who take care of your startup

For early-stage startups, we create product vision and strategy, assist with fundraising, and develop a product from start to finish.

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To start we need to learn more - understand your idea and examine your needs. This is the only way to become your true partner and advise you on your way to becoming the next unicorn.

Partners, not services providers
Strategy Consulting

We will revise the documentation you already have - and go through existing research reports to make sure that we understand your project from the business and technological perspective. That will help our team to advise your startup strategy.

Fundraising Consulting

Our Startup Business Consultants will ask you the right questions about potential customers and the market, help you with pitch deck preparation and finally prepare you for meeting with investors.

Product Discovery Workshop

We will collect all your assumptions about your target audience and the market, discuss potential risks and help structure your business idea. Then we will show you potential paths and suggest what should be your next step.



Discovery & Define

There is no doubt that customers and the market decide about product value. That’s why understanding their needs and goals is crucial for your startup's success. 

Well-conducted UX research is the first step

Our UX specialists will help you uncover what motivates your potential customers, and what goals, needs or problems they have. Those data are extremely valuable during the decision making process and establishing priorities.

Product Roadmap

Building applications without wasting the time and money required to set up a well-defined product roadmap which is a fundamental part of setting priorities.

Clear structure

The well-planned and clear architecture of your product will help customers achieve their goals. Our UX team will prepare a high-fidelity representation of your solution, and demonstrate its behaviour. Yes, you can present it to your investors and obtain additional funds without a single line of code.

Visual impact

We don't want to care only about beautiful colours. The visual side of your product should support usability and above all, support amazing experiences.


Delivery & scale

Our approach is to define and build the most valuable part of the product first. That helps you to validate your business goals quicker in the context of the market. This is much safer to invest in a product that has proved its market validity than to build everything and count on luck. 

Building the most valuable part of the product first

Delivering valuable items provides you with the best indicators of potential success. The way we propose allows you to save money for later parts of the project. 

DevOps Architecture

DevOps experts design and create for you a highly reliable, scalable and secure cloud-based system and provide you necessary support with compliance processes.

All competences for startup
Continuous user feedback and delivery

Feedback doesn’t end after preparing a prototype. We will help you to establish the processes which play a major role in successful product development and business scaling.




We can help you hire the best software developers, DevOps engineers or designers on the market with over 800 000 professionals in the IT talent pool.

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Partners, not services providers
Build Operate Transfer

Our second brand NxTide has been created based on our experience with our most successful clients. Their needs evolved over time, but our experience capabilities in recruitment are still very useful.

All competences for startup
Recruit your own team with our help

When you succeed and grow, you may decide to build your own IT structure. We will not leave you alone. Whenever you are looking for a group of engineers or a trusted third party  – we are here to help.


Need help? Book a free session with Wojtek - our Startup Business Consultant

From startup founder to the business analyst - Wojtek has all competencies needed to help with the early stages of your business. He will challenge your startup idea, help you to create your launch plan and business strategy, so you will be sure that your startup is going in the right direction. 

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