AccentPharm: Building an innovative Linguistic Quality Assurance app in just 8 weeks


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Time to "Go Live"

5 months

Kick-off date

October 2015
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Accentpharm specializes in medical translations. We started cooperation with AccentPharm at the very beginning of their road to become a successful startup. 

Business challenge

The goal was to provide professional medical translations software without any possible errors, which may lead to potential health risks in real action. This is the main reason why we couldn't use any market-ready components to build this application. Fortunately, thanks to the fact that we cooperated with the client from the very beginning we were able to start with many software development services vendors make). Instead, we developed the solution in accordance with the design and prototyping process.

Business solution

With an appropriate, holistic software development approach and custom product design, we manage to create LinQ (Linguistic Quality) application, that changes the quality assurance process. The quality of the translations drastically increased without inflicting any significant cost or delays to the end-users.

We’ve been releasing new versions of the app a few times a day. It allowed us to test the product with live users and adjust the requirements according to their feedback. The app we created is now used by many translators all around the world.

Product and main features:

  • Full design and prototyping process allowing to avoid costly mistakes.
  • Custom software solutions that led to improved translation quality and decreased delivery time.
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Our recommendation

For me, the highlight of our cooperation was the fast reaction, flexibility and unique approach of Pragmatic Coders. Pragmatic’s created an almost seamless and collaborative partnership. I valued the communication process. They operated much more like internal team members who had known our business for years. Their overall engagement eliminated many miscommunications risks.


Oleg Titov

CEO, AccentPharm


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