Product Health Checklist

We’ve been creating digital products since 2014.

For the past three years, we’ve been doing so without any bloopers.

This is the checklist that has made our product development process seamless.

Now, we’re sharing it with you.

Product Health Checklist

53 questions to assess your product

Our Product Health Checklist is a handy management tool that lets you check the status of your product.

The checklist assesses 4 key product management areas through 53 questions.

With it, you can precisely measure where your product is doing great and where it needs some additional attention to succeed.


Subareas: Product vision, product-market fit strategy, business outcome orientation & impact.


Subareas: Data-driven decisions, customer-centric development, continuous delivery.


Subareas: Development and releases, product requirements & quality.


Subareas: Stakeholders management, team & client leadership.

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