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With this ebook and methods based on problem-solving, you can launch your startup faster and reduce the risk of failure.

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What you’ll get from the ebook?

This ebook is about the art of building startups and digital products.

Proven methods

Learn about our market-proven methods and build your startup in an effective and predictable way.

Insights & advice

Meet experts and their insights on how to validate hypotheses, attract investors and start product development.

Useful protips

Explore practical protips that will help you discover user problems and find solutions.

Actionable strategies

Discover battle-tested strategies and reduce the risk of failure before investing significant funds.

In today’s world, building a startup should be a piece of cake. But it isn’t. Most startups go bankrupt or end up with products nobody wants. If there is anything we can do to minimize this risk, especially in an early-stage startup where our resources are limited, we definitely should aim for that. Therefore we gathered our market-proven methods to support future founders in their startup adventure.

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Insightful pages
Actionable protips
Expert insights

What’s inside?

Curious to learn more about what’s inside the ebook? Check it out now and find out!

Competition Analysis

How can I find and research my competitors? We'll provide you with over ten ways of getting information about your competition. Then you'll be introduced to three useful tools that will help you benchmark against them and find your competitive advantage.

Market Research

Who will buy my product? In this chapter, we'll explain the types and methods of market research. You'll understand where to look for data about your potential market and how to measure its size. Thanks to that, you'll be able to set realistic goals and better plan your market expansion.

UX Research

What do my users need? You'll find out what UX research is and why it's an essential part of product-building mechanisms. We'll walk you through setting goals for your research, choosing the proper methods, and assembling your findings.

Solution Discovery

How can I solve my users' problems? Here you'll understand the process of brainstorming solution ideas to identify how to solve the most impactful user problem. You'll get the hang of how you and your team can prioritize the most promising ones.

Solution Definition

What solution is feasible, can be delivered quickly, and will bring the greatest business value? In this chapter, we will teach you how to take the solutions you've come up with in the solution discovery process and, using multiple testing methods, choose the best one that will turn into the final product.

Lean Canvas

How can I break down my concept into its essential elements? Lean Canvas is one of the most popular tools among startup founders, and yet it is often misused and can do more harm than good. You'll find out how to use it properly and what to pay special attention to.

Business Model

How will I make money on my product? Here we'll lay out all the elements that will make up a decent business model for your startup. You'll broaden your knowledge of different revenue models and growth strategies to ensure your income is always higher than expanses.

Pitch Deck

How can I encourage funding from investors? This chapter will demonstrate how to create a compelling pitch deck for your startup and what to include in it. You'll study the best practices regarding preparing your slide deck and promoting it.

MVP Roadmap

How should I plan the future of my startup? In the last chapter, we'll show you what a well-thought product roadmap should and shouldn't include. Here you'll get the guidelines on visually representing your startup's short- and long-term priorities and communicating your vision and plans.

Who is it for?

We wrote this ebook to educate our clients – startup founders, our employees, and everyone who wants to learn how to create digital products effectively. It will prove valuable to both future and experienced startup founders. This is the process we’ve come up with, having built over 80 startup products.

Future founders

Who want to build startups

Startup owners

Who struggle to scale their businesses


Who create digital products

About authors

Meet the “How to start a startup” team. Thanks to them, this ebook became a reality.

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Startup Evangelist

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Startup Evangelist

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