Dedicated Trading Software Development Services

Trading platforms, exchanges, trading software, commodity trading platforms. All you need to build your next trading platform in one place.

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Custom Trading Platform Development Services

When creating a trading platform, we focus on security and reliability so that as many users as possible want to use it. This way, we achieve the client’s business goals.

Custom Online Trading Platforms

Pragmatic Coders as a FinTech Software House provides professional custom trading platform software development services, trading system customizations and integrations, trading monitoring software development, and more. Products made by our FinTech experts are characterized by the highest level of reliability, security, and full scalability.

OTC Trading Platforms

Looking for an alternative to exchange trading? Our specialists will develop Over the Counter trading platform both based on the type of market participants and the type of derivative contracts.

Mobile Trading Apps

Mobile Trading Software brings the trading opportunity to non-professional traders as well as leverages the trading possibilities of professionals. Mobile trading apps allow users to be on track and quickly respond to the latest market changes. That requires high-quality, secure solutions that our experienced team assures.

Futures Trading Software

Futures contracts allow sides to secure a specific price and protect against the possibility of wild price swings ahead. We would be happy to prepare an application for this type of contract.

Data Analysis Solutions

Data is ruling the market. Custom, large-scale financial and market data analysis solutions create a great advantage over competitors in trading markets. Data visualization (charts, trends, etc.) combined with various analytical methods such as forecasting and searching for patterns might help your clients make better trading decisions.

Liquidity Management Platforms

Many businesses have much of their value in investments and assets such as real estate, inventory, and equipment. Want to help them better manage their liquidity? Let us help you create a successful product.

Commodities Trading Software

Do you want software dedicated to commodities trading for various asset classes? Build it with a dedicated product development team from Pragmatic Coders experienced in developing these kinds of platforms.

Stock and Equities Trading Software

Developing software for stock and equities trading is part of our extensive FinTech skills. Our experts will get you a working product at a fast pace.

Currency Exchange Software

We specialize in creating both Fiat currency exchanges and cryptocurrency exchanges. We have already created applications that allow you to exchange popular currencies for crypto and vice versa.

Hedging Software

One of the most important things when it comes to FinTech is security. That's why hedging software is very popular. We are waiting to prepare it for you.

Brokerage Systems

Online brokerage can offer ultra-high-speed and highly convenient information analysis to online traders. And it's all thanks to your app, which we'll be happy to prepare.

Market Monitoring Software

Data ensures success in the market, so it's no wonder it's in such high demand. Together, let's prepare software that effectively monitors the market.

Trading Execution Middleware

The number of transactions made online is growing every year. Hence the increasing demand for trading execution middleware software and trading execution engines. Fortunately, we have experience in developing it.

Trading Data Analysis Solutions

Together we will develop a vision and strategy for your trading data analytics tool and then build it for you from start to finish according to your needs.

Investment Management Frontend Systems

We specialize in creating investment management products. Among other things, we use artificial intelligence in these types of solutions and focus on making them as user-friendly as possible, making them very popular.

Market News Tracking Software

For many people in the finance industry, keeping up with market news is a top priority. Hence the high demand for tools that can do it for them. We will prepare such a solution for you.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

We develop blockchain-based decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges as well as centralized cryptocurrency exchange platforms. This well-secured, fast and reliable solution will allow your customers to trade cryptocurrencies.

El Dorado: Delivering fully operational P2P cryptocurrency exchange to help fight hyperinflation in 3rd world countries.

We've delivered a fully operational P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange to help people in 3rd world countries fight hyperinflation.

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Bloc-X: A new way to trade commodities

Bloc-X is an OTC trading platform for Oil Blocs Future markets. Independent, fully compliant and regulated platform that connects ICE, NYMEX and SGX.

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The entire focus was on the product and the customer, and I loved it. (...) The team was turning up with solutions to problems I didn't know we had.

Pragmatic Coders - your trading software development partner

Choose experienced trading platform developers

When it comes to developing a trading platform, you want experienced developers who know the ins and outs of the industry. You don’t want to worry about whether or not your developers understand the complexities of financial markets; you want to be confident that they do. You should consider choosing trading software development services from Pragmatic Coders.

Pragmatic Coders has a team of experienced developers who have worked on trading platforms for years. We understand the complexities of financial markets and can help you develop a trading platform that meets your specific needs. We can also provide ongoing support and maintenance for your trading platform, so you can be confident that it will continue to work well for years to come.

If you’re looking for trading software development services that will provide you with a high-quality, reliable trading platform, contact Pragmatic Coders today. We’ll be happy to discuss your specific needs and develop a plan that meets them.

Wide range of trading software development services

We offer a wide range of trading software development services to our clients. We can help you develop a custom trading platform or modify an existing one to meet your specific needs. We also offer ongoing support and maintenance for your trading platform, so you can be confident that it will continue to work well for years to come.

Our trading software development services are backed by almost a decade of experience in the trading industry. We have a team of expert developers and product managers who understand the complexities of financial markets and can help you achieve your trading goals.

If you’re looking for trading software development services that will give you the peace of mind that your trading platform is in good hands, look no further than Pragmatic Coders. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and deliver a trading platform that exceeds your expectations. To learn more, contact us today.

We specialize in custom trading software development. Our services include the development of:

  • custom trading systems
  • stock exchanges
  • software for hedge funds
  • crypto exchanges
  • trading software solutions
  • software for liquidity providers
  • investment platforms
  • automated trading software
  • commodities trading platforms
  • stock trading software
  • stock market website
  • newsfeeds integration
  • price changes monitoring software

Custom software or build on ready-made third-party solutions?

The trading world is developing quickly, and to stay ahead of the competition, you need to have the best trading platform possible. But what’s the best way to develop your trading platform?

Should you build a custom trading platform from scratch? Or should you use ready-made third-party solutions and customize them to meet your and your target audience’s specific needs?

There are pros and cons to both approaches. Building a custom trading platform from scratch will give you more control over the features and functionality of your platform. However, it will also be more expensive and time-consuming.

Ready-made third-party solutions, on the other hand, are typically less expensive and can be customized to meet your needs. But you’ll have less control over your platform’s overall look and feel, and you may need to compromise on some features and functionality.

The best approach for you will depend on your specific needs and budget. If you’re unsure which option is right for you, contact Pragmatic Coders. We will help you to choose and then support you in custom development or ready-made platform customizations.

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Why is it worth using our Trading Platform Development Services

Partners in trading system development

We are a software development company with over seven years of trading app development experience for startups and trading companies. Call us if you are looking for trading application development services. We can create a dedicated trading platform with web and mobile apps for you.

Experience in web & mobile trading software projects

Our wide experience covers UX services, UI design, excellent product management, and web and mobile financial software development for the financial industry. We are also well aware of the financial industry regulatory authority regulations.

We will help to scale your trading operations

Regardless of whether you will build the next stock market software, investor frontends, risk management solution, crypto exchange for day traders or institutional investors, or algorithmic trading software, we are here to help you grow your business and make your product scalable and secure.

All competencies needed to build your financial software

Our team of 100+ people has all of the competencies needed to build your next trading software project. Our software developers know how to deal with financial regulations, secure your product and build it according to the highest quality standards. Our product manager will take care of your budget and scope to deliver the right solution at a reasonable price.

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