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Time to "Go Live"

3 months

Start date

September 2015
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Discover Cracow is the biggest Krakow local tour provider with aspirations to become a global player. Local tourist trip management is a complex process that starts with scheduling trips for the next few months that need to be synchronized with hundreds of local trip providers.

Business challenge

Discover Cracow needed a complete E-commerce solution that would fully combine various functions essential for tourism service providers, like scheduling trips for the next few months, sales and booking management, billing, invoicing and ticketing processes, trips organization, transport management, local guides, and translators' assignments.

Business solution

The first stage was to maintain the legacy of an almost non-extendable and non-scalable system. After a few weeks of investigation, together with our client, we decided to rewrite the entire solution. We managed to create a totally new product on top of the old system by smoothly shifting one responsibility at a time from the old system to the new one.
Meanwhile, we have created a new tour E-commerce solution that is fully automated and integrated with the rest of the system.
We managed to create a fully scalable and extendable complete solution for the tourist industry.

Product and main features:

  • The full design and prototyping process allowed us to avoid costly mistakes.
  • Dedicated E-commerce solutions that led to automation and integration with internal systems.
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Our recommendation

What makes me optimistic about PC is that there is good team spirit and openness. They are always trying to be focused on achieving real business results giving active support in the development of teams’ abilities.

Joanna Czerw

Project Manager


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