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Professional custom trading software development services

Choose a dedicated team to develop a trading platform with your business goals in mind.


Trading is about security and reliability

When creating a trading platform, we focus on security and reliability so that as many users as possible want to use it. In this way, we achieve the client's business goals.

Philars of trading platform development

Our platform development process is based on four pillars that guarantee success.


Domain understanding

When building trading platforms, we not only use our experience and the knowledge of our FinTech experts, but we also focus as much as possible on the client's domain.



Thanks to many completed projects we know what it means to build a product that passes all certifications and compliance checks.


Delivery speed

Most companies would tell you that it will take about a year to create a trading platform. We believe that not only can it take less time, but it actually should. This will allow you to present your product to the first users faster and verify your hypotheses.


Security and relibility

Our trading solutions are designed to be safe and reliable. Our team is experienced in building secure products based on the newest standards in the FinTech industry.


Custom Trading Platform Development Services

Custom Online Trading Platforms

Pragmatic Coders as a FinTech Software House provides professional custom trading platform software development services, trading system customizations and integrations, trading monitoring software development and more. Product made by our FinTech experts characterizes with the highest level of reliability and security as well as full scalability.

Mobile Trading Apps

Mobile Trading Software brings the trading opportunity to non-professional traders as well as leverages trading possibilities of professionals. Mobile trading apps allow users to be on track and quickly respond to the latest market changes. That requires high quality, secure solutions that our experienced team assures.

Data Analysis Solutions

Data are ruling the market. Custom, large-scale financial and market data analysis solutions creates great adventage over competitors on trading markets. Data visualization (charts, trends, etc.) combined with various analytical methods such as forecasting and search for patterns might help your clients make better trading decisions.

OTC Trading Platforms

Looking for an alternative to exchange trading? Our specialists will develop  Over the Counter trading platform both based on the type of market participants and the type of derivative contracts.

Futures Trading Software

Futures contracts allow sides to secure a specific price and protect against the possibility of wild price swings ahead. We would be happy to prepare an application for this type of contract.

Liquidity Management Platforms

Many businesses have much of their value tied up in investments and assets such as real estate, inventory, and equipment. Want to help them better manage their liquidity? Let us help you create a successful product.

Commodities Trading Software

Do you want software dedicated to commodities trading? Build it with a dedicated product development team from Pragmatic Coders, that is experienced in developing these kinds of platforms.

Stock and Equities Trading Software

Developing software for stock and equities trading is part of our extensive FinTech skills. Our experts will get you a working product at a fast pace.

Currency Exchange Software

We specialize in creating both Fiat currency exchanges and cryptocurrency exchanges. We have already created applications that allow you to exchange popular currencies for crypto and vice versa.

Hedging Software

One of the most important things when it comes to FinTech is security. That's why hedging software is very popular. We are waiting to prepare it for you.

Brokerage Systems

Online brokerage can offer ultra-high speed and highly convenient information analysis to online traders. And it's all thanks to your app, which we'll be happy to prepare.

Market Monitoring Software

Data is what ensures success in the market, so it's no wonder it's in such high demand. Let's prepare together software that effectively monitors the market.

Trading Execution Middleware

The number of transactions made online is growing every year. Hence the increasing demand for trading execution middleware software. Fortunately, we have experience in developing it.

Trading Data Analysis Solutions

Together we will develop a vision and strategy for your trading data analytics tool, and then build it for you from start to finish according to your needs.

Investment Management Frontend Systems

We specialize in creating investment management products. Among other things, we use artificial intelligence in these types of solutions and focus on making them as user-friendly as possible, which makes them very popular.

Market News Tracking Software

For many people in the finance industry, keeping up with market news is a top priority. Hence the high demand for tools that can do it for them. We will prepare such a solution for you.


How we work

Working with us means you don’t have to worry about technology. We take care of development so that you can focus on developing your business.

Building trust and looking for business alignment

“What are your business goals?” - this is the question you’ll hear from us a lot. Let’s talk to see how we can work together to turn your idea into a successful product.


Project’s kick-off - before the first sprint

You know what’s so special about working with us? We don’t want you to spend money on building things that won’t succeed. We want your business to thrive.


Building the MVP

Once we learn what you need, it’s time for the transition from talking business to doing business. We timebox our work into sprints, and at the end of each sprint, we deliver the increment of your product.


Empirical Partnership

We pride ourselves on supporting our clients in turning their ideas into marketable products. We believe that long-term relationships based on trust and feedback make every business thrive. This is what we call empirical partnership.

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