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Financial software development

Let’s build fundable products for FinTech, Blockchain, and Banking.


Pragmatic FinTech Services

We have developed many challenger banks, cryptocurrency exchanges, and trading platforms. Now we are waiting to build your product.

Why FinTech? Why with Pragmatic Coders?

Discover the benefits of working with us on financial software development.


Industry changes

The software solutions for the financial sector are changing the industry right in that second. This is the perfect time to develop startups, that can compete with big players on the market. This is also the right moment for all the financial companies to scale their business, gain new markets and audiences with FinTech software.


Work with experts!

Being a FinTech software development company requires a high level of custom software expertise and innovation. FinTech software developers from Pragmatic Coders got the needed domain experience, innovative ideas, and knowledge on how to deliver secure and reliable FinTech solutions for your business!


FinTech is about money

FinTech, as a young and fast growing industry, has made significant changes to the way we spend, manage and invest our money. The FinTech solutions have also changed the way consumers interact with banks, investment firms, or insurance companies.


Dedicated financial software solutions

Trading Platforms

Automated trading solutions for brokers, traders, asset managers, and various financial institutions as well as any other custom trading software. Besides, we specialize in Financial Data Analysis Solutions.

Investment Solutions

Our wide experience in FinTech Development covers custom investment platforms development, asset and portfolio management systems, robo-advisors, and artificial intelligence solutions.

Banking Software

Core Banking Systems, Internet and Mobile Banking, Banking CRM systems, Credit and Loan management systems. As a FinTech software house, we work with various banks and financial institutions as an external innovation center.

Blockchain Solutions

Whenever you need to build a decentralized system that stores unalterable data records, blockchain is what you are looking for. We can help you with core blockchain development, decentralized apps, and blockchain backed platforms development.

Internet of Things in FinTech

Internet of Things solutions steped into FinTech industry some time ago. Our team has experience both in FinTech software services and IOT solutions development. We can compose a team that will be able to create modern IOT/FinTech solutions for you.

Personal Finance

More and more people want to have their finances under control and be able to manage them from one place. We already have a lot of experience building products, both web and app, for a personal financial management.

How we work

Working with us means you don’t have to worry about technology. We take care of development so that you can focus on developing your business.

Building trust and looking for business alignment

“What are your business goals?” - this is the question you’ll hear from us a lot. Let’s talk to see how we can work together to turn your idea into a successful product.


Project’s kick-off - before the first sprint

You know what’s so special about working with us? We don’t want you to spend money on building things that won’t succeed. We want your business to thrive.


Building the MVP

Once we learn what you need, it’s time for the transition from talking business to doing business. We timebox our work into sprints, and at the end of each sprint, we deliver the increment of your product.


Empirical Partnership

We pride ourselves on supporting our clients in turning their ideas into marketable products. We believe that long-term relationships based on trust and feedback make every business thrive. This is what we call empirical partnership.

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