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Trading platform prototype

for European startup


About the project

In just three weeks, we’ve built a fully functional prototype of the platform to present it to potential investors.



Project duration

April 2019 – May 2019

Client’s website


Project scope

Blockchain-based trading platform

Project description

The main idea behind our client’s project is to enable trades of crypto assets stored in a custodian wallet, with speed and seamless experience of a traditional exchange. Crypto-assets stored in cold storages of trusted custodians can be used as deposits and issued on the trading platform as tokens. Using open exchange of the trading platform, assets can be bought and sold in real-time, with the on-demand settlements. With a withdrawal request, all transaction details are sent to custodians to finalize them on native blockchains.


Business challenge

The client was looking for an external supplier who would provide proof of concept of the new project in a very short time (three weeks). The main part of the projects was was to build a prototype of the platform that works on real assets to present it to potential investors.

Business solution

Our team created a basic trading engine of the platform and connected it to cold storage solution for blockchain-based assets. It was crucial to deliver a working software to trade real assets so that the potential investors and clients could actually see the entire concept in action.

Development of real-time, reliable trading engine

Blockchain settlement solution

User accounting with trading history

Integration of multiple assets

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