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The entire focus was on the product and the customer, and I loved it. (...) Pragmatic Coders' team was turning up with solutions to problems I didn't know we had.

The deal in detail

dedicated software development services

Fixed price for the first 3 months

For the first 3 months, we provide our services at a fixed price: the cost is predetermined and won't change for the first 3 months. This way, you can plan your budget with confidence.


Seamless transition to Time and Material

After 3 months, your project will seamlessly transition to a standard time-and-materials contract,  where you're only charged for the hours worked and supplies used.


Guaranteed results or 20% off

If we, for any reason, fall short of our commitments within the initial 3 months (=if it takes us longer to develop on what we initially agreed with you), you will receive a 20% discount for the following 3 months of the time-and-material development.


What is a fixed-price, scope-controlled project?

It’s an engagement model where the project scope and deliverables are clearly defined upfront, and the cost is fixed. This means you know exactly what you're getting and how much it will cost, with minimal risk of surprises or budget overruns.

Is it right for me?

It’s the best option if you want to avoid the typical risks associated with fluctuating scopes and costs, and predictability and budget control are important.

This setup is especially suited for startups and businesses in fields like fintech, digital health, and e-commerce, who require precise budgeting and timely delivery for their software projects.

How do you achieve shorter software development times and lower costs?

  • AI-assisted software development teams: We use AI-based coding tools to maximize productivity. This allows us to write and test software quicker than regular software houses do and cuts costs for our clients.
  • Expert scope management. Our seasoned product managers will work closely with you to define a clear and achievable project scope that aligns perfectly with your budget and prevents scope creep and costly delays.
  • Proven success track of startups projects. We’ve built over 80+ startups products, including one unicorn, Kitopi. This experience allows us to deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions. Check our success stories.

How do I keep track of my project’s progress?

For complete transparency, we offer multiple ways to track your project's progress and budget:

  • Daily meetings for the latest updates
  • Product reviews and planning every two weeks
  • Real-time Slack communication
  • Jira board to see how the work is going
  • Google Meet meetings & more

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  • Fintech
  • Digital Health
  • Foodtech
  • E-commerce
  • Social media
  • Blockchain

Awards and recognitions

Our skills and work quality have been recognized by the industry

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Marcin Marcin Co-CEO / Co-founder
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Wiktor Wiktor Co-CEO / Co-founder
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Marcin Marcin Service Delivery Manager
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Wojciech Wojciech Senior Business Consultant
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Jakub Jakub Agile Delivery Lead
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Martyna Martyna Finance Specialist
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Anna Anna HR & Recruitment Manager
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Maciej Maciej Service Delivery Manager
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Dariusz Dariusz Product Manager
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Michał Michał Product Manager
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Krzysztof Krzysztof Product Manager
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Łukasz Łukasz Product Manager
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Kamil Kamil DevOps Tech Lead
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Kasia Kasia UX Lead
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Dominik Dominik Software Tech Lead
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Sławek Sławek Mobile Tech Lead
Sławek Sławek Blockchain Lead
Mateusz Mateusz Web Tech Lead
Karol Karol Software Tech Lead
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