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Decentralized stock-photos marketplace based on blockchain

for European startup


About the project

We developed a photo marketplace platform with blockchain licensing which through decentralization reduces fees by a multiple of 10 making this market again profitable for smaller players.


Photochain (PHT)

Project duration

June 2018 – July 2019

Client’s website

Project scope

Decentralized stock-photos marketplace


Photochain is a game-changing solution in the stock photography marketplace. The main idea behind the project is to enable all contributors to have control of all aspects of their work: price, copyrights and licensing of their works.


Business challenge

Photochain was looking for reliable technological partners experienced in blockchain development, who could help in advancing their platform to the market. The goal has been to bring innovation into photo stocks market and eventually become the leader.


Business solution

We co-developed a web platform serving a photo stock marketplace offering low fees and fast transactions between parties. The current competition does not offer the aforementioned benefits, putting heavy fees on users. Photochain is the first of its kind to include a reliable and durable license system based on blockchain. Every transaction leaves a trace on the Ethereum blockchain and is unchangeable, meaning a user gains a solid public proof of what she/he bought and owns. In order to attract users with large photo base, platform includes a user friendly mass upload functionality, enabling an effortless transfer of their existing portfolios.


Payment & licenses

Users buy photo licences with either FIAT currency or ERC20 tokens and licence is stored on blockchain.

Mass upload

User uploads his portfolio directly from web application.

FIAT payments

Processing FIAT payments with Stripe.

Credits system

Credits system with discount handling.

Photo recognition

Photo content recognition and filtering NSFW content with the Clarifai platform.


Automatic tagging with Clarifai.

Duplicate identification

Identifying photo duplicates.


User KYC implementation.

Pragmatic Coders solved our issues in a fast, customer-friendly, and practical way. The development they did for our beta version is making an important impact on our business development during our current fundraising phase. There are only a few developers in the world that are capable of developing our integration properly, and Pragmatic Coders is one of them. With them, the customer is king.


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