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Improving products quality and security for innovative asset portfolio management platform

for American software company (San Francisco)


About the project

With our technical expertise, we helped our client to enhance the quality of their products and boost development power.



Project duration

January 2019 – June 2019

Client’s website


Project scope

Asset and service portfolio management platform


Complete solution for API-led connectivity that helps companies build application networks of apps, data, and devices, both on-premises and in the cloud.


Business challenges

The client was looking for a strong technical partner to boost the development of the core platform of their product.

The business challenges we faced during this project were:

  • Acquiring business knowledge about the product;
  • Getting a fresh look at the technical solution and giving feedback about it to its owners;
  • Providing unique Pragmatic Coders expertise to our client;
  • Adjusting to client’s standards;
  • Maintaining effective cooperation between two timezones (Argentina and Poland).

Tech challenges

The main technical challenge our dedicated software development team faced was diving into a complex and mature product developed for more than 3 years by several internal teams. We had to maintain a high quality of development of complex and highly distributed tech environment and development of automated pipeline generation system.


Tech solution

Together with our client, we successfully increased the quality of the system, dealing with technical and usability debt. We also delivered a robust and flexible CI/CD pipeline solution for Jenkins, handling 30+ different components, supporting up to several versions of each. We also enhanced end to end testing capabilities for those system components.


Business solution

We have built a partner relationship between our client and Pragmatic Coders team and in a short time we gained the client’s trust in our judgment and solutions proposed by us.

During our cooperation, through fast and flawless delivery, we solved a number of problems, increasing user satisfaction and usability of the platform. We successfully decreased the client’s technical debt and optimized product backlog. Additionally, we consequently exchanged knowledge and promoted good security and architecture practices among other teams.


Increased the quality of the system

Decreased technical and usability debt


Robust and flexible CI/CD pipeline solution for Jenkins, handling 30+ different components,

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