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Have a product idea? Now you need a strategy!

We’d love to help you with shaping it


Getting started can be simple with a pragmatic approach

At Pragmatic Coders, we work with startup founders from the very beginning and advise them on product strategy, business model, and new product development.

See what you gain

Having market research, a road-map, and a user journey map ready allows you to go live and collect feedback faster, which saves your time and money.


Structure your idea

We provide an external and objective view of your current business idea. By laying out the core business strategy, we can help you to shape an initial product scope.


Guide through strategy framework

Your business is not just your product, but also everything around it. This is why we consider customer values, segments, activities, channels, product marketing, and more when creating a strategy.


Defines the scope of MVP

Your product should gain traction from day one, so we always plan the MVP to go live as soon as possible, always in less than 3 months.


Prioritize your product roadmap

Having your product strategy clear, we will be able to transform it together into a high-level action plan.


Product strategy services

Lean Product Canvas Workshop

Lean product canvas is a simple but efficient way to describe a business model of your product. It is much faster than writing a traditional business plan and requirements documentation. This form of product documentation is fair enough for starting a discussion about the scope and estimates with our Product Owners. You should use it as one of the very first hypothesis validation tools for product development.

Value Proposition Workshop

This workshop will help you identify your target audience, their job-to-be-done, the problems they face, and the benefits they receive by doing their jobs. We will define the key elements of your value proposition, how you relieve pain and create gains for your target audience. We’ll build your value proposition based on market insights and achieve product-market fit.

Customer Journey Mapping Workshop

Through this workshop, we will build together visual representation of every experience your customers have with your brand, product, or service. Customer Journey Map can help your organization to evolve from a transactional approach with customers to a long term relationship built on great customer experiences. Take care of it and consciously transform customers into avid fans.

Fundraising Process Consulting

Fundraising is a process that startup founders deal with constantly. Fortunately, our consultants who have experience in founding startups and helping dozens of them raise funds are happy to assist you throughout the entire journey. For example, they will help you prepare a pitch deck that will give you and your product credibility in the eyes of investors.


How we work

Working with us means you don’t have to worry about technology. We take care of development so that you can focus on developing your business.

Building trust and looking for business alignment

“What are your business goals?” - this is the question you’ll hear from us a lot. Let’s talk to see how we can work together to turn your idea into a successful product.


Project’s kick-off - before the first sprint

You know what’s so special about working with us? We don’t want you to spend money on building things that won’t succeed. We want your business to thrive.


Building the MVP

Once we learn what you need, it’s time for the transition from talking business to doing business. We timebox our work into sprints, and at the end of each sprint, we deliver the increment of your product.


Empirical Partnership

We pride ourselves on supporting our clients in turning their ideas into marketable products. We believe that long-term relationships based on trust and feedback make every business thrive. This is what we call empirical partnership.

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