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Redefining product strategy and shape for the disruptive,  decentralized video-streaming platform

for UK-based startup (OnLive)


About the project

We conducted a workshop where together with the project’s founders we shaped the current product design. The conclusions from workshops were the basis for creating a whitepaper and building MVP.


OnLive (ONL)

Project duration

October 2017 – March 2018

Client’s website

Project scope

Decentralized video-streaming platform


On.Live is a decentralized and democratized video-streaming platform based on Ethereum blockchain that is a marketplace for paid advice and live broadcasts and computing power.


Business solution

We started in early October 2017 from a brainstorming workshop where together with project’s founders we shaped the current product design.

The workshop was a starting point that proved the idea of video streaming decentralization to be valid. Based on our workshop outcome the first version of product white-paper has been created and the MVP has been built.


Game theory

Designing and testing Game Theory behind decentralized video-streaming and computing power marketplace.


Assuring the security of ICO Smart Contracts and entire ICO environment setup.

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