Pragmatic Coders achieved AWS Select Tier Partner status!

It’s pleasure to announce that we’ve just completed the AWS Partner Network (APN) upgrade process and have gotten the Select tier of partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). For a long time, Pragmatic Coders have been offering services in the field of Cloud Applications, so our partnership with AWS was a natural next step. See what opportunities this move provides for us and our business partners.

What are the benefits of being an AWS partner?

There are many of them. First, we are visible in the AWS partner network. You can already find our company profile. It’s important because many clients search for trusted partners right there. Anyway, we consider it a big benefit to our clients that they can work with proven AWS experts. As proof, you can read this opinion on the Clutch platform by the director of a huge restaurant solutions company for which we developed a cloud-based product. Here’s an excerpt:

“Pragmatic Coders handled the development of our platform for internal users. It’s a heavy and sophisticated platform based on the cloud; it’s written in Java and React. […] Before the developers started to build something, they asked a lot of good questions that helped us on the way to avoid pitfalls. They’re not only good at coding but they also help us improve on the business side”.

Today, we boast that an average of 13,000 orders per day worth about $200,000 are made through the app developed by us.

Moreover, AWS provides opportunities to participate in various partner programs, as well as access to marketing resources. We hope that this will bring many benefits, including monetary ones, to our clients.

The third big area is training for our employees. These benefits include:

  • 50-70% off AWS Training packages delivered by APN Training Partners (ATPs).
    AWS Promotional Credits for net new Associate or Professional/Specialty Certifications (annual thresholds are determined by the program or agreement).
  • We are excited that this will allow us to increase the skills of our staff!

Finally, all partners have the possibility to open positions with top university talent. Students can search job requisitions that match their selected job family and skill set and apply for positions directly in the AWS.

What’s next?

Our goal is to continue to grow in the AWS network. This is valuable to us from a strategic point of view, as reaching higher tiers will provide more opportunities for us and our clients.