3 things you probably don't know about scaling a company

Do you want to find out why monopolizing a niche will allow you to grow your business and increase revenues? How to win when competing with large companies?

Recorded (01.2021)

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Watch the recorded webinar and find out:

  • Why should you be looking for partnerships?
  • What is your unique value proposition there?
  • Is your story sexy enough for investors/partners?

Meet our expert

webinar expert - Jarek
Jarek Dudko
Mentor, Fintech expert

Technology fan, facilitating, financing and further: international business development & mentoring for innovative entrepreneurs.


Some background in Maths/IT, but mostly finance. Mentor/tutor for Scale Ups coming to Eastern Europe eg. with Google for Startups.

Jarek's clients:


  • MCI: listed digital economy PE/VC (AUM EUR 500m) 
  • Dotpay: leading online payments operator (recently acquired by Nets)
  • Accelerators: EU funded programs Scale Up and Poland Prize

Meet Pragmatic Coders

Over the last decade, we've helped our clients ship products for 175k users with 4130 features and 160M USD in revenue.

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