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Delivering fully operational P2P cryptocurrency exchange to help fight hyperinflation in 3rd world countries.

for startup from Venezuela


About the project

We delivered fully operational P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange to help people in 3rd world countries fight hyperinflation.


Eldorado Hub

Project duration

January 2018 – July 2018

Client’s website

Project scope

Peer to peer cryptocurrency exchange

About the project

Eldorado Hub is cryptocurrency exchange created to help people from countries with hyperinflation, where traditional money value is low and drops daily.
It provides a secure and easy way of exchanging funds/savings into currencies of low volatility.


Business goals

The goal of the project was to create user friendly, fast and secure P2P cryptocurrency exchange with reputation system built in. We cooperated with client through the entire process from a product idea to launch. We started with a workshop to define high level goals, must to have features and nonfunctional requirements. Later on we turned it into the roadmap of short, achievable milestones followed by quick execution.


Business challenges

Due to the fact that our client was traveling a lot we had a Proxy Product Owner who worked with the dedicated development team to make sure that we don’t lose a single day chasing pointless goals.
The main challenge was the fast pace and quickly changing requirements. That’s why our approach to this project was simple: to build the solution fast, get client’s feedback as soon as possible, then improve.


3rd party providers integration

One of the problems we faced in this project was associated with the complexity of the cryptocurrency trading domain and integrations between various 3rd party providers.

We solved the integration problem by providing an anti-corruption layer over integration points. Thanks to the implementation of business logic according to Domain-Driven Design best practices we managed to build safe and extensible microservices that are easy to change.

Infrastructure setup

Another challenge we faced was connected with the efficient setup of microservices. As we worked with the startup it was crucial that infrastructure costs do not exceed the estimated maintenance budget.

To resolve this issue we decided to combine as many SaaS providers and AWS pay-per-usage tools as possible. Our goal here was not to generate costs for the platform that’s getting traction. For instance, instead of hosting our own Jenkins master and slaves, we moved continuous integration to AWS Code Build, Code Pipeline, Code Deploy, and other similar tools which gave us tremendous cost savings.

The cooperation with Pragmatic Coders has been an excellent experience, the commitment and spirit of the team for delivering results is really inspiring. They take care of all your needs from the more simple ones to the most complex solutions, making sure that the product is delivered as expected. Pragmatic coders workers are intelligent, flexible, and always looking for good ideas on how to optimize processes.

Guillermo Goncalez Espiga

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