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Guidebook: How to go live with your product in less than 3 months

Check out our product development guidebook and find answers on:
  • Why you should strive for going live in less than 3 months.
  • What your product should look like after this time.
  • How to successfully achieve this goal.

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About the authors

This guidebook is brought to you by the founders of Pragmatic Coders and our experienced team of software developers. The knowledge we share here is based on more than a decade of experience from different organizations in modern IT product development. The purpose of the guidebook is to show how organizations and individuals can create a profitable business by leveraging the power of fast feedback loops. It is primarily intended for companies in the IT industry.


We build relations with our clients focused on delivering real business value.


We take responsibility to understand the context of your business to make knowledge-based decisions.


We always choose simple and effective solutions over fancy but complicated ones.


Our job is to keep feedback loops short and learn from the outcome.

What you will find in this book?

Time to market matters

It’s pretty clear from the data that time to market matters. The sooner you get feedback from the users, the more time and money you will have to improve your product. It’s easy to get distracted and overspend on features you think your users want. Most entrepreneurs are convinced that they know what’s right, but without user feedback they are only guessing.

What does go live in less than 3 months actually mean?

Think of your MVP as a car with a strong chassis and a stunning body, but with limited features inside. It works well enough to be showcased and presented to early adopters, but it won’t be mass-produced before you are sure that it has a future.

How we do it (and you can, too)

So, how do we do it? Throughout the years, we have collected a number of key factors that allow us to go live with valuable products in a short period of time. Learn about 10 Steps to go live in less than 3 months.

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