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Electronic oil trading platform for UK-based startup (London)

We developed a trading platform connecting three existing international futures exchanges (ICE, NYSE and SGX) in order to streamline trade processing and execution.

About the project

We developed a trading platform connecting three existing international futures exchanges (ICE, NYSE and SGX) in order to streamline trade processing and execution.



Project duration

February 2018 – September 2020

Client’s website

Project scope

Trading platform.

Trade execution system

Business challenges


First an MVP version was needed to ensure key oil trading market makers and investors are interested in the idea. After BLOC-X received an investment, a quick scale-up to a full, production-ready solution was required to keep the momentum, while making sure all the security and trading-related compliance requirements are met. 


Business solutions


The first version was implemented with a great care to UI/UX and ability for traders to put offers and make trades. MVP provided users with a taste of the system in overall, but limited set of features.

Currently, as a part of scale-up process we are extending BLOC-X platform with additional trading features including several add-ons that are products’ unique selling points. Also, a separate team is dedicated to developing a trade execution and compliance systems.

Tech challenges & solutions


Real-time updates

Trades that were made in the application needed to be visible immediately.


We used Pusher realtime notifications to handle large number of instant updates on the frontend side.


Large amount of data to display and update real-time for each user.


We adjusted Frontend technology stack to the needs of highly responsive application with a lot of data/state to manage – we chose to use React.js with Redux library.

Trade consistency

Backend implementation needed to ensure trade consistency while allowing for quick trade execution and high performance.


We used Custom Order Book implementation. It provides advanced event processing, asynchronous communication and message queues on the backend side.

Compliance regulations

Meeting compliance regulations while delivering a product in the cloud.


We chose secure, scalable and robust AWS infrastructure to meet all the performance and compliance requirements.

It’s very notable that they were able to kind of challenge our views on how we should build trading software. We’ve been surprised by this, because, although they had some experience with trading systems, they didn’t have experience in the specific field that we were operating in. Also, the relationship that exists between their product owner and their development team is extremely good.
If I were to start BLOC-X again, I would make the same choice in choosing Pragmatic Coders.

Andrew Toumazi
CEO and Founder

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