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Venture Building: How to prepare for fundraising?

In this final episode of the Venture Building series, Duke Vu will be talking about:

  • the basics of the fundraising process,
  • why should you fundraise and why you shouldn't,
  • how to prepare for fundraising: Pitch Deck, CashFlow Forecasting, Vetting through Fundraising sources,
  • what are the potential traps inside the term sheets and investment agreements,
  • fundraising mechanisms: Cap-table, Investment Milestones, Dilution, and more

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Andrew Toumazi, CEO and Founder


About Duke Vu

Duke is an experienced Entrepreneur and Manager with over eight years of IT and Data Analytics experience. Currently, he is the Head of Consulting at Pragmatic Coders.

He raised combined more than 3 million for his startups and also held numerous Data Analytics positions in international companies. He practiced WuShu for a few years. He plays Overwatch.


Duke's startups:

  • - online marketplace for up-and-coming brands, 3000 sellers, +$100k monthly GMV, raised $1,5 mln (sold)
  • iMeshup - Google Docs for 3D. Collaboration SaaS for Game Development companies (discontinued)
  • Risen - 40-people Software Development Agency, acquired by Netguru