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Reducing the paperwork by developing a document generation app in just 4 weeks

Application for US construction company


About the project

Develop a fully functional application for our business partner in just 4 weeks! The solution must save time needed for paperwork and simplify the process of preparing successful proposals. 



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Kick-ff date

September 2020

Time to "Go Live"

1 month, 12 months


Company resources

On our blog, you can read why it’s crucial to go live with your product in less than 3 months. We even prepared a special guidebook about that. This time, however, we have gone through ourselves – we created a functional application for our business partner in just… 4 weeks! Read the case study of one of our clients (who prefers to remain anonymous).


Time is a value

In the beginning, imagine that you do some repetitive activity that is very arduous and it takes you a week to complete it. Suddenly… poof! It turns out that in some magical way you can shorten this time to just a day. One instead of five! Think how much more you could achieve with this trick. And what if all of your teammates could save time in this way? Finally, how much are you able to pay to gain that amount of time?
Well, for such a miracle or sorcery you have to wait a while. Four weeks exactly. :)


What was the major challenge?

Last time we cooperated with a construction company specialized in the renovation and maintenance of flat surfaces. Tony, General Manager, told us how the company has worked so far and the challenges it faced. The major one was the complicated and painful process of preparing proposals that have to be adapted to a specific project.
Imagine that you have to drive to the place where the work will be done, take pictures, make notes, go back to your office, plug your phone, and transfer files to your PC. Time for rejoicing? Not even close! This is just the beginning. From then on, the employees must check everything on Google Earth, import screenshots to the doc, make a technical drawing by themselves. Next, they must assess what materials will be needed and in what quantity, prepare a detailed cost evaluation, and check the documentation at the end.
All the process takes at least a week. Then they come to the place where the next challenge comes up.




Challenge no 2

As you might suspect, there are many people in such a company who make proposals. Thus, they created many documents that differed from each other. To be honest, some looked really professional, others did not. In this way, a need to unify the company’s proposals became significant.


Solution or next challenge?

In addition to the challenges mentioned above, our client had more needs and ideas, of course, and we wanted to meet them with an application. However, it was a difficult time for our business partner because of COVID-19, so together we decided to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to respond to two major challenges. After an in-depth, precise analysis, our (Pragmatic Coders) team concluded that we can try to prepare the working application in just four weeks. Risky but not unattainable.


The result

What a challenge that was! Any serious mistake could have cost us a delay. Such things are fortunately not with us! 4 weeks later we delivered a working application according to Tony’s specifications and expectations. Its benefits are:


  • 1000% reduction in the time needed to present a proposal;
  • automation of our business partner’s work;
  • improvement of sales collateral quality.

Moreover, the application allows users to check the history of actions taken, which is also time-saving for them. What is important, the app is just in the MVP stage, which means that it can be developed. It’s worth mentioning that it’s not limited to creating documentation for the renovation and maintenance of flat surfaces. So, if our client wanted to, they would make it available (for a fee) to repair crews, plumbers, etc.


What’s next?

We enabled Tony and his co-workers to install the app and use it in their everyday work. We told them that they should use it for a while, test it, and then, eventually, decide if they want to develop it.


How did the cooperation look from the partner’s perspective?

For the purposes of this case study and to get valuable feedback we ask Tony about our cooperation. This is what he said.

“Basically, with the application, it takes significantly less time to prepare and present a proposal to a customer. Moreover, all sales they can do it and they can do it well, using the uniform format of the document, same maps, descriptions, and sales collateral.” 

What about the learning point?

Launching the product from scratch in four weeks is an unprecedented undertaking, even if we are talking about MVP. This makes the lessons learned by the team involved in this project even more hilarious. Why? Because they concluded that they should have given a working prototype to our business partner much earlier, 3 or 4 days after the start of the project to gain first feedback as soon as it is possible.

Do you have your own idea for the app or startup?

If the answer is yes, why not talk with the professional software development services team? Book free consultation with Duke, our Head of Consulting, experienced in supporting dozens of startups.



Time saved

1000% reduction in the time needed to present a proposal;

Better quality of offers

automation of our business partner’s work led to improvement of sales collateral quality

The process for app creation was exciting and moved along quickly. From the design process, it was fun. Peter and Ania from Pragmatic Coders set a schedule every Monday. They made a lot of progress every week. They listened to where my thoughts were and as well I got to know their perspective.
Once the design was completed, we set parameters for the dev process. The only issue with it was that we had to make a definitive timeline for handover because dev-ops were supposed to move to another project. Now we have a working product, but I think we are still in development.
The main value our product provides is definitely time. Now, we have simplified and automated work to do. This has allowed us to reduce our time by perhaps 1000% or more.

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