Angular workshops organized by Pragmatic Coders and ngGirls!


We are organizing a series of Angular workshops for 18 people who have no previous experience with this javascript framework. The goal of the workshops is to acquire and develop practical knowledge about applications written in Angular.

Classes will start on August 31, 2019, with 5 to 6 sessions taking place every two weeks and will take place in our new office in Cracow (al. 29 Listopada 20).

Cooperation with ngGirls

The idea to organize workshops came from Kasia – our frontend developer. She has been at workshops organized by ngGirls in Copenhagen three months ago. Kasia met great people and get a lot of inspiration. She decided that she wanted to share her experiences further. Together with Pragmatic Coders she started cooperation with NG-Girls organization, found mentors, organized the place and recruit first participants.

Why we are organizing Angular workshops

We want to give people with first programming experiences an opportunity to learn more about programming and build a first web application in Angular in a fun, supportive environment. Learning and sharing knowledge is a part of our everyday life at Pragmatic Coders. Some of our developers decided that they want to become volunteers, share their experiences and teach others.


During workshops, participants will also have a chance to work with great mentors from various organizations. All of the mentors work every day with Angular and JavaScript for clients from the whole world, providing great experience, an aesthetic touch, and usability to user interfaces. We are also happy to announce that RxJS Core Member, Jan-Niklas Wortmann, will contribute in part of our workshops.

Angular workshops agenda

The workshop participants will build and deploy their first Angular Web Application.

During bi-weekly 6-8 hour classes participants will start from writing simple To-do-list, then they will learn the concepts of creating forms in Angular, some basic concepts behind reactive programming and how to implement RxJS library in the application. Then they will style the application using Angular Material components, implement CRUD operations in the application, use the MongoDB database and the server. On the last sessions, they will learn what it is and how to implement redux in Angular.

We cannot wait to share with you the results of first Angular workshops organized at Pragmatic Coders!
Check ngGirls website and ngGirls github to see open-source materials and other events.

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